26 September 2011

i lol'ed

what today is like.

what are you doing tonight?

gyyyooossssiiippppp gyyyuurrrrrllllll!!

it's back!

the table is set!

 On October 8th, UT will play UGA at 7pm in beautiful Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. Where will you be watching the game?

what a freak.

i don't quite understand exactly what this means, but bjork's new album, biophilia, will have an interactive ipad app, where you can manipulate her songs. this is a demo of the app for "moon":

the 'moon' app is a musical sequencer that explores the similarities between the cycles of the moon and tides with sequences in music. change the phase of the moon to control the number of notes, and change the phase of the pearls to alter their pitch.
download the app
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