22 September 2010

oh hey naomi

this is what naomi campbell wore the the mcqueen party, i mean memorial service i told you about yesterday. she looks like a sad and sexy bird. via. follow the link for a picture of daphne guiness taking a tumble that i am too proud to post here.

toile keds for opening ceremony

yesssssss. i want i want. artist richard saja has embroidered some fun colors onto these toile keds for a limited edition run at opening ceremony. ill take it. via.

is the bear catching team accepting applications?

because i would like to respectfully submit a resume. i want to catch bears. source.

oh my goodness gracious

puppies galore. via

oh yeah.


for the dunny bunny

lets buy two of these celine jackets and then wear them to las vegas.

SNL's back this week.

starring 2Pz fave, amy poehler with musical guest and 2Pz fave, katy perry! i'll just DIE if she performs 'peacock'. (click that, trust me.)

jeez, calm down, old man.

john mccain gets real defensive when questioned by reporters after derailing america's freedom train yesterday.

keekerz speakerz

my new fave: twin shadow

twin shadow - slow

twin shadow - i can't wait

twin shadow - castles in the snow
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