12 December 2013

2Pz national treasures

this installment's a 2-fer.

we've been #blessed with a lot of great ladies being featured in some of our favorite publications recently, and there are a couple more that i'd like to recommend to you personally.

up first, don't not read this paper magazine feature on national treasure, amy poehler. favorite part:
While that news may break the hearts of Parks' viewers, they can take solace knowing that the show's firing on all cylinders while heading for the finish line. "We have an arc this season where Leslie has to get over her ego about helping Eagleton, the town next to Pawnee, who are all a bunch of rich snobs -- which I can relate to," she says. "It's a very Massachusetts thing. Lexington, Massachusetts, was the Eagleton to my hometown right next door, which was Burlington. Lexington had the Shot Heard 'Round the World, and more doctors and slightly fancier houses. Rachel Dratch is from Lexington. Our [high school football] teams play each other on Thanksgiving, and we still trash talk each other. I'll say, 'Lexington's a bunch of fuckin' snobs.' And she'll say, 'How dare you, you Burlington trash. Get out of my town.'"
As soon as New England enters the conversation, I congratulate Poehler on the Red Sox victory in the World Series the night before.
"I caught the end of the game after I got home from shooting," she says. "My parents are die-hard Red Sox fans, and I called them last night after they won. My mom was like, 'Your father and I split a bottle of wine.' They were both a little bit toasted."
Poehler laughs loudly at the thought of her tipsy Bostonian parents celebrating a Red Sox win. I ask if she thinks she's a generous laugher. "I don't break in scenes, but I do laugh too much," she says. "I was just directing Broad City, and the sound guy asked me, 'Can you laugh less during the takes?' And I was like, 'I can't promise you anything.' I like to laugh a lot. I have a crazy maniacal laugh that I try to maintain through diet and exercise." (via)
and i know you love national treasure alison janney just as much as i do. i'm going to make the west wing my next netflix adventure, i think. fave part:
Okay, let's talk about Masters of Sex. The scene in which Margaret takes the questionnaire about her sex life was one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen on TV. I loved that so much, and — well, I don't know if my mother would like to hear this, but I did channel my mother in that scene. Just because she has such a grace about her, and a soft humor, and I can just imagine her back in that time, being asked those questions. And I love her so much, but it would be the most awkward thing in the world for her to try to answer those questions gracefully. Like when Margaret says, "Well, I'm a fast learner. I taught myself Italian." God, the writers just handled it so beautifully. I'm telling you, this was some of the best writing and the best scenes that I've gotten to play, really, in my life. Such a beautiful emotional journey with this woman. And she's not a victim; she's a strong, strong woman. (via)
but also:
I was looking at your Esquire "What I've Learned" thing —
Oh God, what did I say?

With Brooklyn rents skyrocketing, de Blasio family moves into Manhattan public housing

With Brooklyn rents skyrocketing, de Blasio family moves into Manhattan public housing

"Throwing into stark detail his assertion that New York has become “a tale of two cities,” recently elected New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife and teenage son are leaving their modest home in Park Slope, Brooklyn and decamping for public housing in the neighboring borough of Manhattan. Despite protestations that he would have loved to stay, de Blasio called the move “a practical choice” in a statement released to reporters, one that’s no doubt driven by Brooklyn’s skyrocketing rents."

David Colon
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boyfriends - tom daley and dustin lance black


her selfie is better than yours...

brrrrrr ya'lllll! it's cold! here's a fun pick of lady liberty. i didn't know that no one has been allowed to tour the torch since 1916. (via)
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