19 October 2012

please say 'football game', please say 'football game'.

guess whom

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the more you know

Trick-or-treaters better appreciate their treats this season: The price of Halloween's finest flavor is up 3 percent this year, according to data from the Dining Alliance reported in the Wall Street Journal. The upping of the price of these rot-your-teeth delights (candy corn, in particular) is because of more costly corn oil. The drought is to blame, Timothy Aeppel of the Journal explains. Processed candy isn't the only seasonal goodie affected: apples (and, relatedly, apple cider) are up 20 to 30 percent in cost. And the drought still isn't over. Despite reports today of it receding, Deborah Zabarenko and Ayesha Rascoe of Reuters write that it may instead spread in the coming months, and 2012 could become "the hottest year since modern record-keeping began." (via)

more korea stuff

this korean kid has gangnam style! just kidding he is actually kim jong-il's grandson and he is pretty westernized. for some reason he went to school in bosnia. watch him talk to an old white lady!

makes me want some new blue jeans real bad


this is kind of cute

i mean, not as cute as that corgi down there, but cute for some movie marketing.

dinosaur sex

there is a dinosaur sex slideshow at the bottom of this huffpo article for your consideration.

how does marimekko make their prints?

you can sort of find out here

ready for the weekend

oprah winfrey is rich

also photographed by terry richardson

nicole kidman by terry richardson

nscience thinks kids are stupid and here is his evidence

nscientific facts
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