27 September 2012

martha stewart won a sailboat race in ny harbor today. what did you do? nothing.


thanks for the support honey boo boo

nothing wrong with it

did you know all seasons of cheers are streaming on netflix

i read this GQ article, and now im going to add that shit to my instant queue. let's watch it together?

look at this adorable baby ratatouille shopping for ingredients in the UWS fairway

wait... GAG

wake. the fuck. up.

starring samuel l jackson.

tennessee james toth

today reese witherspoon had her third child and gave him a ridiculous name. i mean, it is a great name for a state, but a stupid name for a baby. thx starla.

crystal castles - wrath of god

i like it alright, but i don't think it would kill at bard's xtra space.


by a fucking sTiNgRaY!!!111

i want to see that.

nicole kidman and jane eyre in stoker.

i live in the future

at&t just sent me a video bill

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