01 March 2013

bad news beach bums

ft. tilden beach is going to be closed all season and maybe even beyond. it just isnt a priority. now where am i supposed to go drink in the sand? is instagram going to make it through the summer without all those ft. tilden pics? where is g.animalz going to wear her caftans? someone answer me!

pedro almodovar is so weird, but his movies are beautiful

this one looks good too. via.

amy poehler punks seth meyers on watch what happens live

fairway's back

fairway market, an anchor in red hook, reopens

see what they did there?

harbinger of your doom

this robot can rip your head off.

did you guys see what happened to thomas wilhelm last night?

A 100-foot wide sinkhole opened up directly under a house in the town of Seffner, Florida, last night, nearly killing two brothers and forcing authorities to evacuate the entire neighborhood. One of the brothers, a 36-year-old man, is missing and presumed dead, but firefighters have been unable to fully investigate because the house itself is deemed too unsafe to be inside. The hole underneath the house is estimated to be more than 100 feet wide, but it is not visible from outside the house.
The other brother told rescuers that he heard screams coming from his brother's bedroom around 11:00 p.m. last night, but by the time he got to the room, the bed and everything in it had been swallowed up by the ground caving in beneath it. (via)

david bowie - the next day

the new album is surprise streaming on itunes.

click here!

dedicated to kylie

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!
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