27 July 2012

watch brown bears eat lunch all day long

srsly just click here for a live stream of bears going to town on some salmon.

thanks jess!

oh my god we've killed him

the vice president of corporate public relations for Chick-fil-a died of a heart attack today. gulp.


dance hall days

did you survive the defocalypse?

one guy didn't:
The storm has claimed the life one man. Richard Schwartz, a prosecutor with the state attorney general’s office, was killed when lightning struck the steeple of Christ Church in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Schwartz was headed home around 8 p.m. when the lightning caused scaffolding to collapse on him. (via)
despite being well-informed thanks to 2Pz, i still managed to get myself caught in the dorito on my way to see batman (in cobble derechos-locos-death hill). g.animalz and i got so soaked that we had to skip the movie and go back home. thatz okay though. the odds of dying in that theater were pretty good n-e-wayz.

come visit me in memphis

i got this couch, so now you can come visit me. see you soon!

beyonce, what does it mean?

she posted this mysterious message on her website. new music maybe, or something sinister?
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