30 December 2013

keekerz speakerz

one thing about being in tennessee is that i listen to satellite radio while driving my parents' cars around. my favorite channel is siriusxm u. i heard a couple things i really liked on it!

grizzly bear - will calls (diplo remix)

sisyphus - calm it down
(this group consists of sufjan stevens, serengeti, and son lux, jicyww)

28 December 2013

A visit to Graceland Too

A few of the 2pz family took a wild tour through the house of a hoarder and lived to post this video

From Wikipedia:
Graceland Too is Paul McLeod's two-storey home and shrine to Elvis Presley in Holly Springs, Mississippi. It is open to the public twenty-four hours a day, every day, all year. The house is crammed with Elvis paraphernalia to the point of being a fire hazard.
Paul McLeod is renowned for his eccentricity, based upon his monklike reverence for Elvis, and his claim to drink at least twenty-four cans of soda per day. The town's assistant director of tourism, Suzann William, claims Paul McLeod is Holly Springs' number one tourism attraction.
The house was originally painted pink, then white, and in 2012 it became a vivid, Mediterranean blue with American Flags and painted navy blue pine trees.

2pz Correspondent Melissa aka "Stacy McTrace" got engaged, surprised and maybe even passed out.

In an elaborate plot that spanned several months and half a continent, apparent diabolical genius Chris totally surprised 2pz correspondent Melissa aka "Stacy McTrace" with #1 a ring and #2 a party with her family and friends. The video above is their arrival at the party - note: around the 30 second mark it looks like Melissa loses consciousness for a few seconds. Congrats!

20 December 2013

Hungover Helping Cab Helps Drunks Work

I don't know bout you guys, but back in my 20-somethings, I would always end a drunken night by making myself some ramen noodles at home to stave off the effects of SoCo and Lime klassy drinks like Cosmos and martinis.

A London noodle company, Kabuto, is using this idea for good, helping drunks get to work the right way - in a FREE cab called Kab-U-To Work. It's stocked with hangover cures like Kabuto noodles, orange juice, sunglasses, and some British drug called paracetamol (I'm assuming it's British aspirin or something).
Kabuto Noodles has created the Kab-U-To Work taxi service, a London-wide package that sees you being ferried to work in the comfort of a taxi, while being served a pot of hot Kabuto soup noodles and fresh orange juice
The FREE!!!! cab service is running during the holiday season and may expand to other cities. New Yorkers would ruin it because there's too many of us drunks trying to get free shit, but they may as well do it here because when would I ever say no to a free noodle cab?!


if you loved six feet under, you should read this nymag piece detailing the inception of the series' final scene.
On August 21, 2005, the HBO drama Six Feet Under concluded with a seven-minute montage of flash-forwards revealing how each of the remaining main characters die. The episode, “Everyone’s Waiting,” was immediately hailed as the most satisfying TV ending ever, something the show’s creator, Alan Ball, still hears all the time. “People say they love it, that it was incredibly moving, that they watched it over and over,” he tells Vulture. “All those things.” As part of our micro oral history week, Ball and the scene’s other key players look back at the finale and discuss the Sia song, the process of aging the actors, and grappling with the meaning of life and death. (via)
will i spend my nine work-free days of christmas re-watching this show for the 4th time? maybe. maybe.

this, this, and this



and this

happy holidayz

Leibowitz - Holiday Card 2013 from Leibowitz on Vimeo.

from my roomie neil. she MADE this. at work.

19 December 2013

"OMG...that football is a monkey"

So this. Yes. There is so much to unpack ... yet it's simple enough to just post us with no comment - it's like a youtube haiku. 

just thinking out loud here

phantogram - black out days

the music video.

i'll watch this

christmas comes early

2Pz favorite gawker writer caity weaver, who writes 2Pz favorite gawker column, thatz not okay, is gifting us with a special holiday edition called 12 days of thatz not okay, where we get one every day (for 12 days). enjoy!

Things To Look Forward To & Wish For In 2014

Grimes has been signed to Jay-z's Roc Nation records and is recording a new album...

...and I am going to connect the dots here: Grimes is a crazy good producer/music maker - BOOTS, an awesome producer/songwriter, signed to Roc Nation a few months back and
Beyoncé's new album is mostly his songs and production. Grimes has been flipping out (just as the rest of the universe) over the new Beyoncé album (actuallygrimes.tumblr has a lot of posts about B) - ergo BEYONCÉ AND GRIMES WILL COLLABORATE IN 2014 (please universe, please!)

mix and spin

i keep seeing this video and i have to be honest...who cares? so the kid can dance. i think everyone is missing the point, which starts at 1:20 followed by...well let's just say those ladies are amazeballs.

UPDATE (stupid autoplay) click HERE to view

(omg omg omg, joel & mike...are you ready to mix & spin? t-minus two dayzzzzzzzzzz!)

18 December 2013


Meet Bran, a worm and tick infested runaway, who turned into maybe the cutest retriever I've ever seen. Note: if you read the whole adorable story, you also get to see a really gross photo of basically a bucket of bloated ticks (barf). But then you get to see a zillion photos of him all better! Yay!

have we ever talked about Merlin the store bunny?

faith just showed me

at long last, the truth bassett.

thank you paula pell for everything you've given to the world. especially this.

this lady in Canada came home and found a bobcat stuck in her blinds

if you find a bobcat stuck in your blinds, don't try to pet it. via

olympic torch is cursed

in the first of what i'm sure to be are a long list of #lolrussians during the sochi olympics (can't. wait.) read up here on the various mishaps surrounding the tour du torch. highlights include an underwater torch pass and a trip to space! also, some people caught on fire, and a guy died.

17 December 2013


did you notice that one of the feminists in the barn meeting is the same girl who can't control her queefs in the awkwafina video? heeeey erin markey.

backwards wheelie wed

bike trickz are one thing, but these are all done on a road bike! backwards downhill wheelie begins at 3:43

christmas puppies



another Ms.Dangles photo credit in the nytimes

he doesn't just blog about cats ladies and germs, he also takes pictures that sometimes go in the new york times. he does other stuff too. good work ms. dangles.

phantogram - fall in love

16 December 2013

I Never LOL but this...

The diary of a prisoner...

here's a GIF of the world learning about the beyonce album


some puppies are just better at standing


what mondays are like

A freak storm surprised residents of Scandinavia last week, giving them just 24 hours to prepare before striking with destructive winds. (via)

santacon: still a nightmare.

santacon sucks. everyone knows that. except for people who live in smell jersey or strong island. they think it's great. gothamist compiled some of this weekend's terrors.

how did She do it?

radar online examines the hoops beyonce set on fire to make her secret album. now that i look at it, i guess we all should've seen it coming. #gdgd

13 December 2013

nashville's latest claim of mass transit plans

i've heard it all before, splashville. good luck, though.

beyonce wants everybody's last coin




Beyonce plucked this writer/producer from obscurity and put him all over her secret album (which is awesome). No one knows who he is but buzzfeed has collected all the evidence.

Listen to his version of Haunted that is on his soundcloud

i cant even pick a favorite

but i think it's this one. don't not gander at this exhaustive gif guide to the new album.

keeping up with the klausens

Vol For Life Casey Clausen has been named the head football coach at Calabasas High School in California. The former Vols signal caller will be joined by brother and fellow VFL Rick Clausen as an assistant coach.
kylie and i are amused that "vol for life" is used as a title in this article.  we also think we should get a say in who gets to use the title.  i mean, rick? really? casey maaaaayyybbeee, but rick?

house of cards season 2 trailer

happy valentine's day to us all!

super bowl xlviiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111


the best part of the super bowl coming to new york city jersey is this incredible installation in times square:

"Broadway will feature an eight-lane, 180-foot long, 58-foot-high toboggan run able to handle up to 1,000 riders an hour. The run — between 40th and 41st Sts. — will be open from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1, the day before Super Bowl XLVIII is played at MetLife Stadium. The plans for the toboggan ride, along with other events and exhibits, will be officially unveiled on Tuesday." via
you'll be able to find me there with my friends.  through the magic of magic, i was able to take this picture of my friend's first ride down the slide.

Look! It's A Bear On A Slide! This Bear Thinks It's People!


Can you believe it! Beyonce surprised us all!! When was the last time something unexpected happened to you? Don't remember? It was last night when Beyonce announced on instagram that she had 14 new songs and 17 new videos that she wanted you to see. I bought it on itunes and it is downloading right now. I'll give you my impressions once I collect myself. SURPRISE!!!

12 December 2013

2Pz national treasures

this installment's a 2-fer.

we've been #blessed with a lot of great ladies being featured in some of our favorite publications recently, and there are a couple more that i'd like to recommend to you personally.

up first, don't not read this paper magazine feature on national treasure, amy poehler. favorite part:
While that news may break the hearts of Parks' viewers, they can take solace knowing that the show's firing on all cylinders while heading for the finish line. "We have an arc this season where Leslie has to get over her ego about helping Eagleton, the town next to Pawnee, who are all a bunch of rich snobs -- which I can relate to," she says. "It's a very Massachusetts thing. Lexington, Massachusetts, was the Eagleton to my hometown right next door, which was Burlington. Lexington had the Shot Heard 'Round the World, and more doctors and slightly fancier houses. Rachel Dratch is from Lexington. Our [high school football] teams play each other on Thanksgiving, and we still trash talk each other. I'll say, 'Lexington's a bunch of fuckin' snobs.' And she'll say, 'How dare you, you Burlington trash. Get out of my town.'"
As soon as New England enters the conversation, I congratulate Poehler on the Red Sox victory in the World Series the night before.
"I caught the end of the game after I got home from shooting," she says. "My parents are die-hard Red Sox fans, and I called them last night after they won. My mom was like, 'Your father and I split a bottle of wine.' They were both a little bit toasted."
Poehler laughs loudly at the thought of her tipsy Bostonian parents celebrating a Red Sox win. I ask if she thinks she's a generous laugher. "I don't break in scenes, but I do laugh too much," she says. "I was just directing Broad City, and the sound guy asked me, 'Can you laugh less during the takes?' And I was like, 'I can't promise you anything.' I like to laugh a lot. I have a crazy maniacal laugh that I try to maintain through diet and exercise." (via)
and i know you love national treasure alison janney just as much as i do. i'm going to make the west wing my next netflix adventure, i think. fave part:
Okay, let's talk about Masters of Sex. The scene in which Margaret takes the questionnaire about her sex life was one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen on TV. I loved that so much, and — well, I don't know if my mother would like to hear this, but I did channel my mother in that scene. Just because she has such a grace about her, and a soft humor, and I can just imagine her back in that time, being asked those questions. And I love her so much, but it would be the most awkward thing in the world for her to try to answer those questions gracefully. Like when Margaret says, "Well, I'm a fast learner. I taught myself Italian." God, the writers just handled it so beautifully. I'm telling you, this was some of the best writing and the best scenes that I've gotten to play, really, in my life. Such a beautiful emotional journey with this woman. And she's not a victim; she's a strong, strong woman. (via)
but also:
I was looking at your Esquire "What I've Learned" thing —
Oh God, what did I say?

With Brooklyn rents skyrocketing, de Blasio family moves into Manhattan public housing

With Brooklyn rents skyrocketing, de Blasio family moves into Manhattan public housing

"Throwing into stark detail his assertion that New York has become “a tale of two cities,” recently elected New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife and teenage son are leaving their modest home in Park Slope, Brooklyn and decamping for public housing in the neighboring borough of Manhattan. Despite protestations that he would have loved to stay, de Blasio called the move “a practical choice” in a statement released to reporters, one that’s no doubt driven by Brooklyn’s skyrocketing rents."

David Colon
via brokelyn

Really struggling at work today...

boyfriends - tom daley and dustin lance black


her selfie is better than yours...

brrrrrr ya'lllll! it's cold! here's a fun pick of lady liberty. i didn't know that no one has been allowed to tour the torch since 1916. (via)

11 December 2013

beyonce impressions. i'm into it.


my hs history teach is is going to be on tv!!!!

my history teacher from high school will be on drunkardy jeopardy tomorrow! tune in and cheer her on!

new rule: a drink for every time she says "rock on"

hey new yorker...

FUCK you!

that's right, i said it. the magazine reported today that snoozing is losing.
It may seem like you’re giving yourself a few extra minutes to collect your thoughts. But what you’re actually doing is making the wake-up process more difficult and drawn out. If you manage to drift off again, you are likely plunging your brain back into the beginning of the sleep cycle, which is the worst point to be woken up—and the harder we feel it is for us to wake up, the worse we think we’ve slept. (via)
i do plan on milking the excuses of "sleep inertia" and "social jetlag" for all they're worth, though.
ugh, mornings.

2pzGifGuide - Bonus Round for Classy 2Pz Gif Givers

(perhaps only Thomas Wilhelm is in this demographic)

Marking the only time buying books online saves a real live bookstore, the St. Mark's Bookshop is hosting an online auction to raise funds for their future move out of a pricey space owned by Cooper Union. Up on the auction block are signed books from classy New York authors like Junot Diaz, Paul Auster, Patti Smith, and David Byrne. Perfect for your favorite Rockefeller or Astor descendant. Just don't bid on that signed copy of Maus by Art Spiegelman, because I've got my eye on it.

eric berry is still the cutest

my all-time favorite footvol got mic'd up for his game against the new york giants, and it is just amazing. you just have to watch the video in this article. he is so delightful.
“He kind of lives by ‘If you want some, come get some,'" coach Reid said. "I mean, that’s what he lives by; that’s how he handles practice. He’s out there every day. He doesn’t miss practice; he doesn’t miss workouts. He’s going to challenge every play. That’s his mode. He doesn’t care if it’s practice; he doesn’t care if it’s a game. That’s what he does and guys like that. I think, in a simple package, that’s what he’s all about.” (via)

10 December 2013

born yesterday podcast

ms. dangles told me about this highly entertaining and informative podcast and i've been listening ever since. there are only a few episodes, and a kickstarter to fund more, so feel free to binge listen. HISTORY!!!!

Where will the trolls go?

This loopy thing is going to be built in China, making it one of the world's largest man-made sine waves. 

NEXT Architects says it's based on the principle of a Mobius ring, as well as a traditional Chinese knot. I just hope they have helpful signage so you don't accidentally start walking upside down or something.

late pass from the mta!

the mta will now give you a note to prove to your boss that "omg the trains were toooootallly late this morning, gosh it's so frustrating, #amiright? but thats life in the big apple, right boss?" seems like a precedent i wouldn't like to set.

RIP, Baroness Elsa Schraeder

Eleanor Parker was 91 and three times Oscar nominated.

To me she will always be the MOST glamorous Austrian at the party.

2pzGifGuide - DJV

if it's prezzies you want, think about zingerman's bread of the month club.  the famous ann arbor bakery  (as seen in the five year engagement) sends you a different par-baked loaf of delicious bread every month. toops brother Matt got it for me a few years ago and it was awesome.

tired of crass commercialism? want to make your friends and loved ones feel guilty? baby elephants are all well and good, but if you want to help folks a little closer to home, take a look into DonorsChoose.org. It's a website that matches philanthropic donors (you-all), with under-funded school teachers (us) in need of materials. you can browse through thousands of projects and choose to either fund a full project or just donate a little bit. usually the donors get a ceeeyute card from the kiddies they help.

reply to david sedaris

A friend of david sedaris' sister wrote an op-ed responding to the essay sedaris wrote. keeks reported on that story earlier. It's an interesting perspective.

09 December 2013

2pzGifGuide - Bun-Bun

magnetic wooden building blocks!

UPDATE - the tegu guys got some press

i know what you're thinking - wood isn't magnetic.  however, the brains witches at tegu glued magnets inside wood used sorcery and black magic to get magnets to grow inside trees.  you can build all sorts of shit with these things.

these are available here (worth a trip anyways)

if youre looking for less satan in your wood blocks, try this set

or just get everyone you know one of these.

change you can believe in

Following prior cancellations by Willie Nelson and The Barenaked Ladies, Heart has followed suit and will not keep an upcoming scheduled performance at SeaWorld.

I don't think I need to tell you why.
If you don't get it, go home and watch Blackfish on netflix.

Pompeii trailer feat. Jon Snow's Abs

Here's some new movie coming out in 2014, but the main star in this movie is Kit Harington's abs. Miss you, Jon Snow!

2Pz national treasure

joel's recent installment reminded me that i've been meaning to share this comprehensive look at the acting career of claire danes, who obviously qualifies for national treasure status. it's really old (from before the homeland season 3 premiere), but richard lawson had told me that he just read it, so you can stuff your comments in a christmas stocking.

more vol pride

this spirited young man is Charles Mosley, the most recent addition to our top rated recruiting class. his stylish ear-do was how he decided to make his announcement. Mosley picked the vols over alabama, auburn, and georgia because he knows kla$$ when he sees it. if youre counting, that is 19 four or five star rated incoming freshman footballers.

from clay travis

2Pz National Treasure

i just read this nymag profile of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and I must say, what a complete delight.

a real treasure. a treat.

is this your new favorite vol?

over bama, i might add!

my spotify year in review #2013


from what was apparently my favorite album of the year

rupaul's drag race season six is fishy


an intense case for medical marijuana

Jacqueline Patterson was born with cerebral palsy, a congenital disorder that affects her motor functions. As a result of her condition, she suffers from a severe stutter and major pain and weakness on her right side. This video showcases the amazing effect of cannabis on her condition. (via)


When the image began to go viral, he confirmed that the picture was of a group of friends from the University of Tennessee. (via)

2PzGifGuide - Melissa

Tis the season to give back amiright? What better way to give than to by adopting your very own BABY ELEPHANT or rhino. It's only $50 bucks a year and I bet it works just like those african baby where your elephant send you notes and draws you pictures. I know what you're thinking "but Melissa, elephants can't draw"...well if you think that you are dumb (and if you are a boy than take that quiz below). Here's the elephant I would adopt but I would immediately rename her CHEMI CHEMI CHEMI.
And just for fun here are some other elephant 2Pz posts click click click, all of which are worth viewing in one sitting. Including my fav: baby elephant & wood chips which just happened to be on my Christmas wishlist last year (thanks for nothing family).

boys are smarter than girls?

Pew Research Center and Smithsonian Magazine put together THIS 13 question quiz to prove that boys are smarter than girls. #ohyahright. Well, at least that's what I took from the results. Maybe we should assume the cliff jumper below hasn't taken this quiz yet? I believe that it's safe to say the 2Pz ladies rule the world blog...leave your quiz results in the comments! I scored 12 out of 13 by the way.

06 December 2013

what are the odds...

...that he comes down exactly on that jagged piece sticking out of an otherwise fairly smooth cliff face?


dedicated to emilube "slippery" bult

hey, who's your favorite b+tb character? mine's lumiere.

christmas has come early!

thomas wilhelm just alerted me to the fact that paula cole has a new album out! he told me track #2 is his favorite.

new york city rat hunters

have you ever heard of this group of terrier owners that gather in downtown manhattan to let their pups hunt rats? read this

tell me more about maria de blasio wilhelm

kylie's post about bill de blasio and his apparent tardiness issues made me wonder about what kind of lady his mother might be. everyone knows loving moms make the best alarm clocks.

anywho, turns out the man we know as bill de blasio was born to maria de blasio wilhelm, and was named warren wilhelm jr after his father. his dad had some post traumatic war issues and divorced maria when bill was young. she raised her three boys on her own in cambridge, mass. the daughter of italian immigrants from the city of Sant'Agata de' Goti, she grew up in manhattan, went to college at smith, and later worked for time magazine as a researcher and the office of war information which broadcast news programs into fascist controlled italy. in 1988 she wrote and published a book titled The Other Italy: The Italian Resistance in World War II. how accomplished!

she sounds just like another italian american mother that i know: smart, hard working, resourceful, and supportive. mrs. de blasio wilhelm died in 2007, but we can bet she would be so proud of our new mayor. cheers maria de blasio wilhelm! via via via 

bill de blasio is a little-miss-late

Yesterday, New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio arrived at least thirty minutes late to his announcement that William Bratton will serve as New York City's next police commissioner, and members are the press were not having it.
For those media members who will be forced to cover Hizzoner for the next four years, De Blasio's tardiness has already become predictable. He has been late to a number of events, notably arriving one hour after a get-out-the-vote rally began at 11:30 a.m. in November. When asked if he overslept, de Blasio responded with a non-apology. "I am not a morning person," he said. (via)
sounds like he just needs to get his mom involved. #nothingwrongwithit

¡grupo....de la MUERTA!

the world cup 2014 group drawing happened today....and it is TERRIBLE news for the estados unidos.
Every World Cup has had a so-called "Group of Death," or the group that pits together several favored heavyweights to battle it out, often sending a top-ranked team home. This year's draw could put those to shame though. "World Cup 2014 promises to be a tournament so suffocatingly competitive that the traditional clichéd "Group of Death" will feel redundant," ESPN explained. Due to a draw quirk, one potential group could include the frightening powers of Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States together; "The Group of Death to end all Groups of Death," as SB Nation called it.
UPDATE: The U.S. has landed in Group G, with Ghana (a team that has beaten the U.S. in the last two World Cups), Germany (the team that U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann used to captain as a player), and Portugal (a perennial world power.) (via)
i know what you're thinking: "what else can you tell me about that armadillo mascot?!?!"

his name is fuleco, and this is his wikipedia page. i see that he's a three-banded armadillo, which any armadillo connoisseur worth her wait in ants can tell you is the only kind of armadillo that can roll into a ball!

2013 trolling champion

this bitch came in at the final hour and stole the title!

2pzGifGuide - Joel

With the recent news that Octavia Spencer has been cast in a remake of the Angela Lansbury classic Murder, She Wrote, there has been a dangerous and volatile increase in worldwide demand for the original series. It ran for 12 seasons from 1984 to 1996, but where can you find it? According to Jessica Fletcher expert carlygoogles, TV Land streams 5 episodes at a time online, and all of the DVDs are available through Netflix. That's great but the problem is some of us want to watch more than 5 episodes in a row and cancelled our Netflix DVD account. The only reasonable thing to do is to buy a loved one the complete DVD box set on amazon. Your loved one will be so happy.

2pzGifGuide - Flim

A 2pz Gif(t) Guide? What an amazing idea!

(It was my idea.)

Speaking of taking credit where credit's due, and being generally self-involved, what better topical present to gif(t) someone than this #selfie necklace from Photojojo?!

Only $25 and perfect for blogger egomaniacs, self-obsessed tweens, or people who just don't know when to quit. The Oxford English dictionary even named "selfie" the word of the year! Other versions offered are #nofilter, and an Instagram "Like" Heart.

BTW my Instagram name is @flimlim and I always feel I should get more likes than I do. HAPPY HOLIDAZE!!!
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