27 September 2010

lolz... P-Nut was on ellen

Music that plays in DJ's class

This came on today. I thought of you guys. come to VA to visit!

eat dinner at chili's tonight!

read carly's post based on dan's tweet if you want to know why dinner at chili's is a good idea tonight.

queso? fajita pita? margarita? chips n salsa?

speaking of the atlantic antic

if you were there, did you see this guy? he was there.

movie challenge

there are 26 film clues hidden in this animated short. if you can spot them all and send in the titles, you can win a dvd of each of them. look here.

my name's lucky...

and i have a secret.


you're never going to believe this, but.

the guy who owns segway....drove a segway off a cliff this weekend and is dead.

daily ri-ri

new snuffles streaming.

sufjan stevens' new album, the age of adz, is streaming on npr, jicyww.

hopefully, he can make this crappy morning a little bit better. i'm counting on you, snuffles. don't let me down.

UPDATE: well, that was a hot mess. what do y'all think?


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