09 December 2011

that shit cray.


aziz ansari and his friend emocolon "n*****s in paris" in a series of text messages. this is maybe the best thing ever.

press play and follow along.

bonus link : watch the cradle (!!!!)

death drop practice

does anybody have a trampoline? #work
photo credit: flim

the 10 days of my birthday zooventure

yesterday, i told you about the bronx zoo's escape artists. today is the last day before we go to the zoo!! so let's make it a good one.

please welcome....

...a DiNoSaUr!!!!!!




nom nom nom.

I'M A T-REX!!!


see everyone tOmOrRoW!!!

blog sneak attack

Joel: and ive never stripped a bar
i have thrown up on a bar and tripped on the door on the way out
i didnt spill my drink but my hat fell off

what a wonderful christmas story!

“Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick took out the trash the other night at the Barrow Street Alehouse in the West Village. The British actor stepped in to remove an unruly patron who knocked all of the drinks off the bar (joel?) after the bartender refused to serve him Guinness. “Ed lifted him up by the collar and dragged him out,” a spy said, adding that after Westwick removed the “aggressive and violent” boozer, he calmly returned to his group of friends “like nothing happened.” (via)

kylie's top 25 fave songs of 2011!!

happy pizza friday! here's that playlist i promised you.

good news, there's actually 35 songs, because i couldn't decide.


from a funny scientist blog that snikan showed me.

what is mr. polkabottomz doing?

this morning, i found out he has claws on all four feet. because he tried to climb me.

keekerz speakerz

james blake - love what happened here

matthew dear - headcage

more portlandia

hillary on LGBT rights

watch a little piece of history.
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