25 September 2011

Third Time's the Charm!

Get ready for WWIII!!!!  I'll give you one guess as to whom it might start with.  Give up?  It's the Germans...again.

Germans are scared that if the European Central Bank starts printing more money to keep Greece solvent, they'll be unable to resist their old Nazi habits.  Following WWI, the German Central Bank began printing extra money to pay domestic debts and reparations, and many Germans believe the resulting hyperinflation allowed the Nazi Party to seize power.  Poland's Finance Minister is shaking in his wooden shoes (Polish people wear wooden shoes right?) saying that a collapse of the Euro Zone and the European Union could lead to widespread political instability and war in 10-20 years.

Not helping matters is Silvio Berlusconi who referred to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as an "unfuckable lard-ass".  that.is.an.actual.quote.  Honestly I've gotta say, after being called that I'm not so sure I would blame her if she became a lady Hitler.

Anyway, you should probably start stockpiling guns, composting your poop, and turn your bathtub into a tilapia farm/hydroponic garden because if the Mayan apocalypse doesn't come in 2012, the German's will be waiting in 2021.  Either way, we're all screwed.


yes nanny.


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