01 August 2012

where is r-pattz staying?

at reese witherspoon's house.


good one, dummy.

sarah palin (doesn't) get dick cheney back for calling her a mistake.

impromptu poll: which word gets overused more: "evidentally" or "essentially"?

both are peeves of mine.

olympic women's badminton scandal alert!

Today, eight players on four women's badminton doubles teams were expelled from the Games for "match fixing." Basically, badminton players suffer from the same extensive depth of field that spelled doom for Jordyn Wieber: The best teams generally come from Central and Southeast Asia, so their biggest competition is usually their fellow countrymen. In the tournament's round-robin knockout format, teams from China, South Korea, and Indonesia were facing the distinct possibility of having to go up against, and knock out, teams from their own countries before the finals. They obviously didn't want this to happen.
The first round of group play was non-elimination, just to determine the draw for the knockout quarterfinals. So in last night's final Round of sixteen matches, Chinese World Champions Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang deliberately started hitting shots wide or serving into the net against South Koreans Jung Kyung-eun and Kim Ha-na. Both pairs had already qualified to move on to the next round; the throwing of the game seemed to be in order to ensure China's No. 1 team wouldn't meet China's No. 2 team of Tian Qing and Zhao Yunlei until the gold medal round. The South Koreans said they only started throwing the game because the Chinese started it. The Chinese said they'd just been trying to conserve their energy since they'd already qualified. The Korean team won handily, even though the longest rally was a laughable four strokes. Among the best players in the world. (Apparently the Chinese are the best at throwing matches, too.) The referee came down at some point to admonish them for not trying hard enough. The crowd booed them off the court. (via)

passion pit - constant conversations


i just got so excited tears came out!


thx bun-bun

oh look, a tom daley gif

there is a whole collection

and more.

you never told us about the baby seal murder, nsikan.

here's an article about the scary science lab that 2Pz friend nsikan works murders for:
In September 2011, beachgoers noticed dead seal pups on New Hampshire beaches. “Surfers were surfing into seals floating in the water,” said Katie Pugliares, a senior biologist with the New England Aquarium’s rescue program.
Unlike typical seal cadavers, the seals were not malnourished, suggesting they had died suddenly.
An examination of tissues from the seals pointed to a respiratory infection. To identify the pathogen, tissue samples from five pups were sent to the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University. Simon Anthony, a postdoctoral researcher at the center, led a search for viral genes in the tissue. (via)
yeah right. i'm sure you just "found" some dead baby seals. yeah. right.

nErD aLeRt!

tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the protest by architects' group AGBANY (terrible name) to save the old pretty penn station from being turned into a peeps-and-poops-soiled nightmare. it failed, obvi, but is noted by most to me the beginning of the modern architectural preservation movement. the new york times recounts the story of the dedicated new york architects who tried to save her.
Philip Johnson was impeccably present, in the company of the peerless Elizabeth Bliss Parkinson, a trustee of the Museum of Modern Art, who would soon be its president. There was Aline B. Saarinen, the widow of Eero Saarinen, who had been until 1959 an associate art critic at The New York Times. Agbany counted Eleanor Roosevelt, Stewart Alsop, Jane Jacobs and Norman Mailer among its supporters, along with many of the most respected names in architecture and architectural criticism. (via)
poor saps.
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