10 April 2012

this blog is about hunger games and one direction


he's out...

...of the race, not the closet.  You can now shop at UO guilt free.  I sort of wish he had stay in longer to make things difficult for mittens, but hopefully he'll shut up now. [via]

downtown arby's


thomas kinkade, the self proclaimed and trademarked "painter of light" died over the weekend. his work could be found in thomas wihelm's house and probs your grandma's. his girlfriend said it was peaceful in his sleep, but there are questions.
where's the corpse, brandy? 

what is joel wearing for july 4th?

martha to appear on svu

martha will appear on law and order: svu april 25th as a private school headmistress.
tivo it.

i needed to share this with you

have you ever wondered what the left half of zac efron's naked body would look like from behind on a hotel balcony in australia. let me satisfy your curiosity. click HERE.

sufjan stevens abandons the states for the planets

listen to two new songs (neptune and jupiter (the gas giant)) above, part of a new song cycle celebrating the solar system. convieved and composed with bryce dessner and nico muhly.

oh my god he is so cute. more here.
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