08 April 2014

here, someone did an internet painting of me at the exact moment i found out that i won the 2ooPz HooPz march madness bracket

this is the kind of thing i live for



it's over. it's finally over.
No amount of backlash was going to keep Chick-Fil-A out of NYC, proving that the powers that be cannot be put off by bigoted jerks or the prospect of dirty fryer money. Your chicken dreams have come true, NYC: Chick-Fil-A is poised for invasion, with plans to open multiple restaurants within our boroughs this year. In a long "behind-the-scenes" profile in USA Today, the brand revealed plans to "open 108 restaurants this year—most of them urban and a good chunk of them in New York City." (via)
#blessed #chickendreamz


watch these poor new yorkers scream as a rat runs around in their subway car.

they're lucky it wasn't more crowded.

how deep is it?

omg y'all have got to look at this infographic contextualizing the depth at which that missing airplane's black box most likely is.

and it begs the question, what is the cuvier's beaked whale's DEAL?

was that jessica chastain? i hope not

for a dollar, would you have sex with paul rudd the actor?

this photo of mars is suspicious

go muskies, woooo!

bragging rights: i won the 2ooPz HooPz NCAA bracket challenge. i beat all of your sorry asses. you should all be ashamed of your sorry choices.

please leave your praise in the comments.   

what an adorable princess

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