03 April 2013

thomas wilhelm, will you go see this movie with me?

does anyone else want to go?

fortnightly boat

speaking of buckwild, don't drink and boat.

I was the one who threw the beer, he was really drunk the first beer we threw he caught one handed like a ninja. The second one he didn't have quite as much grace it hit him right in the chin. The can blew up on his tooth when he came up he had a gash almost through his lip and he was wiggling his tooth it looked like it was about ready to fall out. (via)
yip skiddly doooooo!!

did you watch buckwild?

remember shane gandee, known for his backwoods hijinks and also for gandee candy?

well, he's DEAD.

died doing what he loved: muddin'.

friend of 2pz rachel is having a purp urp shurp!

PLUS chocolate brunch! y'all should go.

does this sound familiar?

the new york times has finally gotten around to a story that 2pz has been writing about for months and months. it seems that some well educated white people are moving to memphis to teach the poor black kids, and some people aren't sure it is a good idea! go figure.
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