13 July 2012

zaha hadid designs an ugly boat

boats are supposed to be beautiful. this one looks like something leftover from a shitty james bond movie. also, who wants to lounge on a black boat? shit is going to get HOT.

hot slut of the day : this baby white bison

GOSHEN, Conn. — If one were asked to pick a typical home where the buffalo roam, the answer probably would not be Litchfield County amid the rolling hills and understated rural chic of Northwest Connecticut.
But when Bison No. 7 on Peter Fay’s farm gave birth to a white, 30-pound bull calf a month ago, it made the Fay farm below Mohawk Mountain, for the moment at least, the unlikely epicenter of the bison universe.
For Mr. Fay, what happened was an astoundingly unexpected oddity — white bison are so rare that each birth is viewed as akin to a historic event. (via)

what are you doing tomorrow?

joel, starla, and thomas wilhelm and i are having a 2Pz correspondent retreat at the BEACH!
(spoiler alert: we're meeting to discuss DJV's future with 2Pz...)

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