28 August 2012

what is hannah going to be for halloween?

phil WILL be one of her transgender ballerinas, or i will slit his goddamn throat. can you guys think of any other songstresses hannah looks exactly like?

thx emilube for this helpful example. and welcome back to america!

hannah performs 'you oughta know' on vh1

just kidding, it wasn't hannah, it was alanis morisette herself. guess what, she's BACK! she has a new album out which is probably just ok, but let's get excited anyway ok?!

thx kirby.


she got drunk and fell down the stairs while wearing too high heels. everyone thought she got her throat slashed because of how bloody everything was.

sleep tight.

the brant boys interviewed by interview

two of peter brant's sons were profiled in one of the magazines that he owns. interview.

did you know that peter 2 is going to bard? he wants to take acting classes. i almost made a list of all the 2pz favorites that went to bard, but then it got too long and too many of them don't like being talked about on the internet. harry, the little one, is still in high school but he lurves furniture and the court of kyoto.

are you worried people might not know you are a VOL fan while walking around brooklyn?

these are the TOMS for you.

University of Tennessee Campus Classics Collection.
(thx flim)

give money if you want to support the arts

2pz boyfriend Ms.Dangles has been working real hard on his horror drag pieces with his ANIMALS. If you have a cold, cold, heart, and you think there should be more stage blood baby squeezes and jon benet finger bangs on stage, check out the fun prizes they are offering for your donation. Give.

did you know?

did you know that "we are siamese" was performed by the knife? me neither.

omg please read this whole thing. every time i see a commercial for this show i am not ok for 30-45 minutes. are you going to watch it? i don't know if i can handle it. let's discuss.


this is happening.

3 DAYS!!!!!!

originally purblished in august 2009.

the countdown continues:

10. the pride of the southland marching band
9. smokey

8. rocky top

7. the color orange

6. eric berry

5. trash talking

lane kiffin
 derek dooley

3. tailgating!
everyone knows that half the fun of college football takes place before the players even take the field. tailgating is a mainstay of any successful gameday, and i would argue that no one does it better than the SEC. the term refers to the act of partying on or around the tailgate of a vehicle. however, this practice has evolved into a staple of college football tradition and culture.

from the grove of ole miss to the decks of the vol navy, fans have been known to wake up at all hours of the morning to get a head-start on the day's festivities. a noon kickoff means you better be outside and drinking by 8am at the latest. rules is rules, and i don't make them.

no tailgate would be complete without the phenomenon of cornhole, which has taken the world by storm over the past decade. the crisp thud of a well-worn bag on a warm fall afternoon is enough to jolt the volunteer heart right out of the past nine vacuous months of football-less-ness.

so everyone drag out the bags-and-boards, plug in the jambox, and fire up the grill, because football season arrives tomorrow, the vols take the field in 3 short days, and those natty lights aren't going to drink themselves!!!

bonus link: top 10 tailgating colleges

3 DAYS!!!!

y'all, it's almost here. if you'd like to read a hopeful take on our 2012 season prospects, try this article on for size:
Justin Hunter was the best pass-catcher on the team until his early-season knee injury in 2011. Nearly 12 months later, he's back on the field and close to 100 percent. Two-time JUCO All-American wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson will also be reeling in catches, though he'll have to pick up the offense quicker than planned now.
Rajion Neal saw an opening at tailback and seized it. He outworked, out-practiced and out-scrimmaged Marlin Lane for the top spot. Lane was as sure a starter as any Volunteer in spring, but Neal showed the kind of fight that the Volunteers have lacked the past two seasons. Maybe he can be the spark for the running game.
The offensive line is extremely experienced and terrific at pass blocking, giving up the fewest sacks of any SEC team in 2011. The unit needs to improve its run blocking this year but should find that easier if the passing game can put up early points.
And then there's Tyler Bray. (via)

raise your paw if you're relaxed

last night i babysat dharma and it was pretty much exactly like this.


5 hours later:

2DN2PZHZTRY : thomas wilhelm's spirit animal

NEW BLOG FEATCH ALERT : today in 2Pz history!!!!

this post was made on august 28, 2011, and it is pRiCeLeSs!!!!

sonoluminescence!!!!!  so gay.

djokovic will you marry me?

during some us open warm up novak gets proposed to by a little boy and brings him out onto the court. via.

do you ever miss the previous millenium?

sounds like manslaughterer brandy does too, because her (awesome) new song will take you right back to 1998. also, SHOW US THE NOTE BRANDY!!!

i've been smashed in the face with some flowers

you boys smell nice

what the kids are listening too

not exactly nude one direction...
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