25 February 2014

speaking of zaha hadid...

The 2012 London Olympics Aquatic Center is now open to the public! They took the bulky seating risers off the sides, replaced them with fog-proof glazing and voila. Now regular flabby Londoners can take a dip where THIS happened.

happy birthday to the NYC street baby born on the crosswalk at 68th and 3rd yesterday



"can't get my eyes off that sausage patty!!!!"

nErD aLeRt!

wanna see where some of the world's most famous architects live? i bet you can guess whose living room this is...

see more here!

janet echelman's floating net sculptures

Artist Janet Echelman stumbled upon the idea of using nets in her art exhibits when her paint supplies did not arrive when she was based in India, planning an art exhibition. While she was walking through the village Echelman was struck by the quality and variety of nets used by the local fisherman and decided to try and use those in her artwork.
Echelman is currently embarking on her largest piece ever, a 700-foot-long sculpture that will be suspended over Vancouver next month in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the TED Conference. In collaboration with the Burrard Arts Foundation, she’s currently seeking funding via Kickstarter to make it happen. (via)
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