08 July 2013

what chris pratt looks like right now.

got all muscly-armed for a movie role.

retroactive reincarnation

today, it is so blazing hot outside that all of our air conditioners at work keep trippin' the breakerz (industry vernacular) and its one thousand degrees in my office and i died. i almost lived, but then the ambulance coming to save me ran over my body. anyway, don't worry, because i have been retroactively reincarnated to the date of may 3rd, when i came back as this tiny deer at the queens zoo.

my name is teacup tori, what's yours!?

music minute with ms. dangles

CHVRCHES - GUN // Director's cut from ▶ ▶PEN$ACOLA▶ ▶ on Vimeo.

not thrilled about this year's t-shirt design



i'm not afraid to tell you that i'm really looking forward to eating popcorn, drinking a cherry icee, and watching this movie at williamsburg cinemas

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