09 April 2014

RUMP DAY (sans rump)

there's sixteen more where that came from (here)

this is something


more, thx frank

speaking of pants pooped

i went and tried the taco bell breakfast that i told you about. here is my review

Breakfast crunch wrap:

I ordered sausage, got bacon. pretty good though. smaller than a normal crunch wrap and has a hashbrown instead of a hard tortilla inside. could have been hotter to melt dat cheeeeese.

hash brown: greasier than BK or macdo, but bigger and tastier. a little on the floppy side

Diet Pepsi: not pictured. not good.

this little dog was rescued by the MTA on the tracks as he was chasing a commuter train

if the owners don't claim him the MTA guy is going to adopt. via

here's a handy tipping guide.

i was pleased to learn i'm doing it correctly, for the most part.

pants : pooped.

this guy had a dashcam running in his minivan when this happened. somehow, he was fine.

that stabbing spree though

awwww, thats cute

derrick gordon, the first openly gay division 1 college basketball player (boy)

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