22 October 2012

dream or nightmare?

dream or nightmare?

everyone congratulate phil...

he is just sooooo pleased with himself for passing his art history nerd tests.

cat underside

from flim!

the puppy costume parade was in tompkins square park last weekend

check out a round-up

you'll never guess where the keys are

(answer: inside that adorable pile of mush) thx melissa

i found this on my mom's fb wall

and it is her BEARTHdie!!!! everyone send her your best wishes!

music from that nashville tv show

this one is from the end of the pilot when the dopey blonde girl and the nice guy from her love triangle sing the song she wrote at the bluebird cafe

this one has tami taylor singing a love song with her ex boyfriend while that slut taylor swift juliette barnes sits in the audience (also at the bluebird)

this is the one that caused the traffic jam around music circle because juliette barnes was filming her music video on that sculpture.

 are you guys watching?
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