28 October 2011


Keeks and I are heading down to the mother land for the weekend. Here's what i expect to see.

what are liesl and weasel doing?

getting to know each other a little bit.

thx emilube!

this is so. good.

In a new 4AD Session, St. Vincent add polish and punch to four tracks from the already brilliant recent album Strange Mercy. Shot at Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Shangri-La Studios, and directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, the footage features performances of "Chloe in the Afternoon", "Surgeon", "Strange Mercy", and "Year of the Tiger", with Annie Clark's vocal eccentricities and shredding emphasized high in the audio mix. (via)

...is the new...

planking owling batmanning tebowing

what is john doing this weekend?

he modeled his costume on the news the other night. thx starla.


the whole damn album leaked. christmas in october!


...bella swan's best friend rocky the singing beagle!!!

thx melissa!

my second favorite mascot.

smokey's not in the capital one mascot challenge this year, but luckily my favorite non-tennessee mascot is. western kentucky's big red. he eats basketballs.

that voice is a-changin'

this song is terrifying.

getting to know your new quarterback

justin worley, the 2010 derek doolade national football player of the year. you know whom else holds that award? peyton fucking manning, that's whom. justin's from south carolina, and spurrier passed on recruiting him. we'll make him regret that, tomorrow night.

hApPy HaLLoWeEn!!!

here are 90 costume ideas...

...for your corgi (there are 90 of these.)

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