01 February 2013

a subway NIGHTMARE in DC

featuring: darkness, underground spaces, hot breath, pee smells, vomit, screaming, police, firemen, possibility of death, standing for long time


i think thomas wilhelm or starla dropped this correspondence

starla is the chicken freak and thomas wilhelm can really let his hair down, but only with starla.

 thx for the tip kylie

well, i thought we were done, but here's another reason to wear purple on sunday.

NEW ORLEANS -- "The times I have talked to Butch, I have been very impressed.
"He's a great recruiter and great offensive mind."
Those are some striking comments from one coach about another, but when you consider they come from a coach who has led his team to the Super Bowl, that makes them even more powerful.
Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh spoke about new Tennessee head coach Butch Jones at Super Bowl Media Day at the Superdome earlier this week.
An Ohio native, Harbaugh has gotten to know Jones over the years through coaching clinics. He became more familiar with him when Jones coached in Harbaugh's home state, while leading Cincinnati to two conference titles in his three years with the Bearcats.
Jones also made a major impression on a two-time Pro Bowler who will be playing in the Super Bowl. Joe Staley was a 49ers' first-round draft pick out of Central Michigan in 2007. He got to know Jones who took the reigns at CMU that same year, after Staley had finished his playing career under Brian Kelly.
"Butch is an awesome person," said Staley. "I talked to him a lot when he was at Central (Michigan). He's a super great guy, very fiery, very intelligent football coach. I know he's going to do great at Tennessee. I'm real happy to see him have the success that he's had." (via

a picture of hillary clinton in each country she visitied as barack obama's secretary

which is your favorite?

mine is albania. that coat lining!

spotifriday : teddy bear picnic

look alive, nscience.

It appears that meggings, which are supposed to be, essentially, "male leggings" — a slightly but importantly masculinized version of the thin stretch pants women have been wearing since the existence of thin stretch pants — have hit their stride; they're having their moment; they're part of the pantsgeist. (via)

the third and final reason to root for the baltimore ravens on sunday

if teddy bear is wrong, i don't want to be right.

thx ms. danglez!!

happy birthday Grand Central!! 100 bears old!!

check out some behind the scenes pics of this landmark and civic treasure.

burger king burgers had horses inside them

In the UK, they blamed a Polish supplier. They also got caught lying about the whole fiasco. Hey, Burger King, thatz not okay.

how the hand painted GANT sausage sign is made

via kirby

it's flapper friday!

thomas wilhelm just showed me this little internet list called the "flapper's dictionary." it is chock full of ripe nicknames, and we took the liberty of assigning a few:
thomas wilhelm : the cat's particulars (or the kitten's ankles or the monkey's eyebrows)
joel : a bun duster (or a cake eater or crumb gobbler, meaning a "slightly sissy tea hound"); also, a cancelled stamp.
starla : a blushing violet. (also, bank's closed.)
ms. danglez : a dingle dangler (she really is)
kylie : a crepe hanger and a bean picker
emilube : a gimlet.
if you'd like to know your flapper persona, just ask for one in the comments.

wall of complimentz

 Melissa:  there havent been many comments but i want you to know that 2pz has been just wonderful this week
ive loved practically every post!
 me:  thanks for your continued support

just so you know, i dont do this for my health. i do this for the complimentz.
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