03 August 2011

who, me?

nothing, just an elephant over here :)

who, me?

i'm fan bingbing and i'm real famous over in china.


(via) thx lilly for this incredibly important reminder!

it was 106 degrees in memphis today


go on chester!

three steps. ctm.

this is MY FOOD!!!


underground city in a german field

Behold the miniature cities of EVOL. The German street artist has been known for wielding his stencils to erect illusionistic cities out of wall segments and street furniture. For his latest installation, EVOL has excavated a field in Hamburg, Germany and installed a small-scale subterranean city. via

This is where I am right now.

The Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends

oh god, am i jealous.

look who bun-bun's having lunch with right now....

peeta at the bakery.

the worm and the meatball

a cute little history of the development of NASA's graphic image:
Up until that point, NASA had been primarily using an insignia adapted by James Modarelli, the head of NASA’s Lewis Research Center Reports Division. This logo, created in 1959 and affectionately dubbed “The Meatball,” relied heavily on multiple visual metaphors. According to NASA’s Web site, “the sphere represents a planet, the stars represent space, the red chevron is a wing representing aeronautics (the latest design in hypersonic wings at the time the logo was developed), and then there is an orbiting spacecraft going around the wing.” Although charming in its quirkiness, the meatball proved difficult to reproduce given the printing technology available at the time and the variety of applications it would need to adorn.

Enter Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn. They were hired to create, in Danne’s words, “a more useful new Logotype.” In a recently completed, yet to be published memoir, Danne describes the streamlined new design as “clean, progressive, could be read from a mile away, and was easy to use in all mediums.” Danne and Blackburn replaced the complex meatball with a stripped-down, modernist interpretation where even the cross stroke of the A’s were removed. 
Seventeen years later, despite its winning the prestigious “Award of Design Excellence” by The Presidential Design Awards, NASA scrapped the Danne and Blackburn design and re-instated “The Meatball.” Danne thinks this was at least partly due to how NASA chose to introduce the new logo to its various internal agencies in the first place. He says the redesign was kept secret until letters were set out to every center director … on their new stationery. Those loyal to the old design were offended, and a rivalry between “The Meatball” and the new design (unaffectionately dubbed “The Worm”) began. (via)

over and over.

ikea captions.

there's a bunch.


what is joel doing this weekend?

you're welcome.


how creepy is hosni mubarak right now.

he enjoyed his court date today from the comfort of a caged hospital bed.

matthew dear : slowdance

the video for my fave track off of his latest album. just gorgeous.

what is holmes doing?!

hiding (poorly). thx neely!

daily ri ri

omg rihanna. i can see it.

she was the grand marshal or something of some historic sugar party in barbados.

nErD aLeRt!

here is a picture of what is supposed to be the next world's largest tower.


also pwned

A Russian reporter at a press junket attached to the Russian premiere of Friends With Benefits had the gall to ask Justin Timberlake “why movies” (in lieu of, say, music). A delay in translation kept Timberlake from responding, so his co-star Mila Kunis stepped in to deliver a verbal smackdown in the reporter’s native tongue.

“Why movies? Why not?” Kunis, who moved to California from Ukraine at age 7, testily replied. “What kind of question is that? Why are you here?”


puppy toes + hardwood floors = everything

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