11 July 2011

get excited

just had a phone conference with my custom cornhole fabricator, the original threadsecutioner, patty halley. here's a sneak peak of the bags he's sewing as we speak.

jicydak, he's launched a new business venture headquartered in portland, oregon. it's called cornhole cooperative, and he does amazing work on custom cornhole boards with beautiful graphics. if you're in need of some equipment, he's got the 2Pz endorsement. and he ships all over!

i recommend checking out the process photos on his page.

irl hunger games

Starla has joined
Joel has joined

me: joel, what have you done with my belongings?
Joel: i gave book 2 (catching fire) to starla
i gave book 3 (mockingjay) to rosanna
i know rosanna has mockingjay because im looking right at it
me: staaarrrrlaaaaa??
i am reading mockingjay now
that is what you gave me
kylie gave me hunger games
and my co-worker margaux gave me catching fire
i am also looking at mockingjay
so i dont know how you ended up with 2
Joel: well that is surprising
me: where is my second book
Joel: margaux has it
i dont know how i could have given your mockingjay to two different people
me: starla, would you verify with margaux that joel is a liar and she gave you mockingjay, and not catching katniss
Starla: joel is lying bc i have only borrowed one book from him
and i am looking at it
Joel: is it blue?
Starla: yes
with a bird on the front
and finnick just **SPOILER*
me: well if you two ever work out who has my possessions, let me know
Starla: i have your hunger games
me: thats the only one you're responsible for
i lent the other two to joel vincent melton
Joel: i know where your mockingjay is
rosanna has it
i gave catching fire to charlotte
Starla: that is not correct
i dont have any $$$ and i am willing to bet you a lot that i am right
Joel: ill need margaux's contact information please
i plan on giving her a call
i dont want your money
youre going to need it to move into my apartment
that is where i keep all of my books
me: and none of my books
Joel: but youre not going to be allowed to check them out of the house
me: and if joel doesnt get my HG 2 and 3 back....he's going to lose library priveleges as well
Starla: i just dont believe joel is looking at the book

9 minutes pass, photo is recieved of rosanna holding mockingjay

me: charlotte now you send a picture of margaux affirming that your catching fire belongs to her
Joel: i have something horrible to admit
me: uh oh
Joel: when i had to explain to rosanna why i was taking a picture of her holding mockingjay, she told me that she had bought that copy herself
and i lent her catching fire (kylie's)
me: omg, you didn't even ask her!
Joel: and now it is at my house
me: you are owed one
Joel: sorry!
me: you can do better than that
Joel: i mean it too
Starla: and tell me that i can borrow books when i move in
Joel: you can borrow everything
whats mine is yours
i would trust you with my life
and everything i own
and everything that is kylie's
Starla: ok good
you keep that in mind when you find me rummaging through your things



...my soulmate, BONES.

the prettiest pup you ever did see. please go get him and bring him to me. he's going to become my business manager. k thx bye.

this could be you!!!

omfg we are THREE DAYS away from the booze cruise, and i'm not even joking, i just got word from the event organizers that they are only THREE TICKETS AWAY from being sold out!!  go HERE and get yours right now!! srsly hurrrryyyyy!!


ps - check this out!

(unsurprisingly) Joe Jonas has balls pelted at face

from a NY daily news blurb via gawker:
We bet Joe Jonas wants to "See No More" of Williamsburg. The middle Jonas brother got a rough reception in Brooklyn's hipster capital on Wednesday night when audience members at the Paper magazine party pelted him with mini-basketballs and greeted his performance with a mixture of derision and stony silence.
omg, what was he thinking? williamsburg?

come on, republicans.

maybe you've been hearing about this debt ceiling crisis that's been gummin' up the works in DC. i don't really feel like explaining it (read a newspaper), but basically we've got to pass a bill to prevent the US from defaulting on its debt, an occurrence that most economists agree would have catastrophic effects on the american and world economies.

as happens with pretty much every issue in washington these days, this bill is being held up by a reluctance of both parties to compromise. on friday, before heading off to camp david for the weekend, obama sat down with boehner and they hammered out a deal where both sides gave a little. the republicans would relent on their refusal to allow any tax increases whatsoever, and the democrats would let them put their filthy pawz all over our social security and medicare.

now, both constituencies were p'd-o when they heard what their leaders had offered up, but only one party leader reneged on the deal within 24 hours when his party threw a temper tantrum. i'll let you guess which.

obama's giving a p-conf aaannnny minute:

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