30 November 2012

nicki minaj is gay jay-z

according to gawker, some redditors slowed down super bass and nicki minaj sounds like gay jay-z. just listen.

falling down fridays


Martha Stewart survived superstorm Sandy, but these pine trees did not

It only takes 38 pictures for Martha Stewart to relay the story of how a team of tree removers left her with some stumps. I'm being glib, but I actually did enjoy the slideshow.

what a happy helper

from carly

girls season two trailer


nashville was so good this week y'all

they really ramped up the T & A & the S-E-X (except when tim tebow wouldn't give it up) and there was this awesome duet in the ryman!

Bo Obama = Sugar Plum Fairy

he is too cute to be real.

29 November 2012

the look of the brooklyn nets


RIP monkey


not everyone has perfect vision like me.

i'm sure you'll all be relieved to hear:
That beacon of false hope in the distance — the somewhat complicated, two-part light system atop taxis — has been banned in favor of a single "on" or "off" signal that should be installed by early 2013. Drunk people of the night now have one less reason to get irrationally angry. (via)

shine bright like a diamond

Sia covers the song she co-wrote for Rihanna.

sometimes i facetime with kismet

last night at the glasslands gallery

this beautiful alien named sky ferreira wafted around in a pile of smoke with a lot of laser action and we think she was singing, too.

dog swims with dolphins

like its no big deal

28 November 2012

best thing you'll see all day

earlier, a zebra chased a pony around staten island.

these coupon queens in memphis got they asses beat

these coupon queens need to step on down to the dollar general down the street.

hope mongering

jon gruden for president!!

27 November 2012



g-d works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

this is the christmas party invitation g.animalz and i designed a couple years back...

and this is the album art from cee-lo's recently released christmas album.

ours is better.

what was that awesome building i saw in Argo?

Oh that? That is the Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower) formerly known as the King Memorial Tower, symbol of Tehran. Designed by the Iranian-Canadian architect Hossein Amanat, the Azadi Tower was built in 1971 to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire. (photo) This thing is very photogenic.

thanksgiving is OVER.

why not listen to the christmas playlist joel and i made for you last year, out of nothing but the unbridled goodness that lives not-so-deep within our hearts?

it will be growing as the holiday season progresses (the playlist, not the goodness), so you might as well subscribe.


As you now know, Kylie and I saw Argo last night which is based on a true story about how the CIA and Canada used a Hollywood cover story for getting some trapped state department employees out of a very difficult situation in Iran. She found a bunch of other stranger than fiction CIA spy stories (click here), and I came across this bizarre NORTH KOREAN movie called Pulgasari.

Apparently in 1978 under the orders of Kim Jong Il the North Koreans kidnapped a South Korean movie director and used the Japanese Godzilla team to produce a North Korean version with political themes interwoven in the story. Those North Koreans are zany!

daily ri ri

you probably heard about rihanna's 777 tourplane adventure even if you didn't hear about it here. i've been reading about the aftermath, and have refrained from posting about it because frankly nothing people were saying was really that interesting.

but, i read this spin article today and i thought i would share.

what is dharma doing?

just saying what we're all thinking on this wintry mixy day.

thx g!

omg look what the empire state building can do now

that is something 

 The state-of-the-art dynamic lighting system from PCK is unique to ESB and allows customized light capabilities from a palette of over 16 million colors in limitless combinations along with effects previously not possible such as ripples, cross-fades, sparkles, chasers, sweeps, strobes and bursts. In addition to greater control and management of the lighting, the new computerized system will deliver superior light and vibrancy levels in real-time, unlike the previous floodlights.

solange's album cover is very nice.

don't you think?

2Pz movie review

joel and i went to see argo last night...it was 11 biscuits!! 

have you seen it? did you like it? were you wondering how accurate it is? i know i was.

26 November 2012

happy birthday tina turner

i love you so much.

it sounds like solange might have one of my favorite albums of the year

another song came out. all i know is it better show up on spotify immediately (cough rihanna cough).

25 November 2012

git em smoke!

smokey went after UK's kicker before the game yesterday. watch the video here.

22 November 2012

21 November 2012

It's official.

My life-long dreams have been fulfilled!
GO VOLS. #amiright?

more racist present ideas

i don't care if it is racist, i want a pendleton indian trading blanket

Neil's Puppet Dreams looks like fun


thomas wilhelm says, "now that's what i want to see"

@MarthaStewart:   Here I am filling 6 of the 12 pies. Each pie takes 6 cups of filling. Recipe in Martha Stewarts Pie & Tarts book

how many corgis are in this book?

If the answer is several, then sign me up. Her Majesty is one of those big expensive Taschen numbers covering Queen Elizabeth's 60 year (and counting) reign.

african mayonnaise

when will rihanna's unapologetic be on spotify?

the internet needs to know, and so do i. i don't want to read any more reviews, i want to listen to it.

 just keep clicking here
until it happens.

20 November 2012

twist ending

stav strashko

makes me want a diet coke real bad

Boody & Le1f - Soda

look what they did to ryan gosling's face

he is in a movie about underground thai boxing, so they decided to pulverize his pretty face. shame.

to better know a Grizzly

grantland has an in depth article on the background of the backbone of the current (awesome) Grizzlies team. Read all about Zach Randolph
and get to know a Grizzly

19 November 2012

hey puppy, don't worry Monday is almost over

thx flim

road trip!

lets take the silver bullet down the road to long island to visit the Parrish Art Museum, designed by Herzog and de Mueron. It looks beautiful. via .

what happens if you pay 2 monkey a different amount for the same job?

you'll find out. what you dont see is that later in the video, nsikan administers both monkeys a deadly stroke.

hey flim, look at this

an adorable red panda gets startled and tumps over

c'mon - ke$ha

16 November 2012

set your tivos!

i already done told ya once, but ken burns' new doc, entitled starla's buh-gina, arrives sunday and monday! watch it!

brokelandia - episode 4

the latest episode of brokelandia, created by a friend of 2Pz friend, jessica. enjoy!

15 November 2012

bringing people together

Friend of 2pz Ashley just wrote an article for the City Paper about the Nashville Porter flea, founded by friend of 2pz KTV.

read the article and support our friends with your clicks and your attendance

beach house, you're scaring me.

new video for "wild".

another 2012 NBA championship finalist bites the dust

This time the Grizzlies wiped the floor with the Oklahoma City Thunder in OKC, winning 107-97. They are looking so tough this year, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside after almost a full season watching my Tennessee Volunteers lose in every possible way.

Grit and grind expert Zach Randolph can be heard promising Thunder center Kendrick Perkins to "beat yo ass" right before they both get ejected from the game. Hehehehehehehehe.

Next up, the Grizz take on a currently undefeated Knicks team at home in Memphis on Friday. twerk.

north korea presents

Hey idiot, take a look out the window. The holiday season is just around the corner, so that means it is time for me to start dropping hints about what exactly I want to receive in my stocking and under the Jesus bush. If you are a point and click shopper, just go here. Also, if you have been wondering how to make an impact on the life of superstorm Sandy survivor, my amazon wish list is as good a place to start as any.

If you're up for the challenge, I am just gagging for some North Korean Kim Jong Un propaganda merchandise. It might be a little difficult to come by, but just think about the smile on my face when I unwrap my special new pin. Food for thought.

Given the rarity of these new badges, with circulation apparently limited to a specific ministry in a specific area, it is no wonder that they have proven popular among the select few who receive it. The Daily NK reports that these lucky recipients are “brimming with pride as if they’ve received a medal." via.

i dont fool with no horses, boy.

little known (but now widely known) fact: eric berry is terrified of horses. and who can blame him? they are TOO BIG, and joel told me they are too dumb to tell your fingers apart from delicious carrots. click here to see eric berry discuss his fear.

set your tivo's

danielle is coming back to rhonj

14 November 2012

13 November 2012

a special message for thomas wilhelm

this is what bryan is talking about

diane sawyer drinking wine and popping pills during commercial break

new throwing shade

homosensual bryan safi and feminazi erin gibson discuss everything important to you

daily ri ri

word on the street is that the song jump from rihanna's new album apologetic features a sample of starla's favorite 90s jam, pony by ginuwine. according to mtv, ginuwine is thrilled. #cantwait

12 November 2012

world war Z trailer

brad pitt will be ok, but will the seat of your pants fare so well? #poop

meet tony wroten

the i love memphis blog interviewed the newest and youngest grizzly, and he is clearly 19 years old. in his answers he says he misses his mom, and proceeds to ask the interviewer where he can go to get italian food and play video games. then he asks if memphis has an amusement park. time to grow up tony wroten. #gogrizz

she's having one of her jazz freakouts

saul and david try to decide if carrie should be the one to interrogate brody. SNL really gets it. anne hathoway really gets it.

this scared st bernard is really scared

i love the look of terror that he shoots the camera at :42. via.

daily ri ri

rihanna was awesome on SNL twerking her new album (which comes out next week). there is even some internet hysteria going around concerning the green screen background graphics in her and azealia banks' new work.

toaster shade


the shade of nene leakes

ms. nene leakes burns her housewives castmates up alive in her tweet after the show last night.

have a kiki at your desk

mykki blanco's new mixtape.


the grizzlies creamed the heat last night

in the first sold out game of the season at the fedex forum, the grizzlies take charge buzzer to buzzer and never give miami a chance. the defending champions are still probably the best team in the league, but the grizzlies made them look like punks last night. #gogrizz

nymag's guide to nashville

Check it out here. You have to tell me if they are correct before i go back to visit.

grace kelly's birthday

remember that grace kelly song?

big boi (feat. a$ap rocky + phantogram) - lines

what in the world are you?!


thx paula via hannah!

09 November 2012

get to know claire mccaskill's daughters.

they seem pretty cool!
How did you celebrate her victory?
M: Drank heavily.
L: This was the first election I was old enough to stay up with the adults, so it was really fun.
The next morning, style blogs had declared you a “pleasant surprise” and the “style breakout stars” of the election. Tell me about your style.
M: I like a lot of ugly things, like mixing three different patterns in the same outfit and wearing shoulder pads. I'm not a big fan of matching. There is nothing that can't be improved with a bold lip. The dress I wore on election night is from BCBG.
L: The blue-sleeve sweater and my pants were Theory. I found the top at Beacon's Closet. As for my style, I like dressing like a boy most of the time. 
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