31 October 2011

need something to feel guilty about?

odds are, your costume was super racist.

and of course, the internet fires back.

happy BEARthday Jeff

hank's dad is 31 bears old today.

we all hope your special day is VERY special indeed.



just a full-size, blow-up spooky castle, in your SIXTH GRADE CLASSROOM!

That's not what you had at your school? that sucks...

world record dance party

Get More: O Music Awards
THE RULES:(1) Dancers must dance choreographed routines for 24 hours straight. (2) Dancers can take one 5 minute break each hour. (3) Not one dancer can drop out. (via)
thx starla!

say it ain't so...


costume check!

bun-bun took my advice and dressed up as the (sheet) ghost of steve jobs. i think it came out really well.

i'd like to officially invite all toopz readers to send along photos of their costumes from this weekend and tonight. i'll share them with the internet!

ellen gets bethenny good.

this article is a delight.

CHICAGO — When Deena Cortese was added to the cast of “Jersey Shore” in Season 3, she was nervous that she wouldn’t be welcome, that she wouldn’t be able to forge a place for herself in a group with well-established social dynamics.
For one group of people, at least, Ms. Cortese is no footnote. At the UChicago Conference on Jersey Shore Studies here on Friday, she popped up frequently as a subject of academic discussion, particularly for an episode in which she thwarted the Situation’s attempt to bring home twins by swiping one for herself. In the process she became a trickster figure, upending the show’s heteronormativity and its power dynamics. (via)
read it if you have some time to kill.

rick perry, drunk again.

from a speech he gave over the weekend in new hampshire. watch him get the maple syrup at the end. ceeyute!

a feud between two of my favorite ladies!

Perez Hilton (via the National Enquirer) says that MObama is beside herself over the fact that Paula Deen called out the Obamas' greasy eating habits in her new book, Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible. "She probably ate more than any other guest I ever had on the show!" writes Deen. "She kept eating even dur­ing commercials. Know what (the Obamas') favorite foods are? Hot wings. Y'know — those kinds of foods that aren't necessarily top-of-the-list healthy foods.” (via)

Paula Deen says there’s no beef between her and Michelle Obama. After reports that Deen was in trouble for crowing that the healthy-eating first lady enjoys fried foods, Deen told us, “There’s no truth ... that Mrs. Obama called me to stop talking about her [2008] appearance on my program. We had the best time. I taught her how to make fried shrimp and fries. It was easy to see by her buff arms she follows a healthy lifestyle, but it didn’t stop her from enjoying the food. Everything in moderation!” (via)

what else did we see in knoxville?

UT students organized a "Fear the Pants" flash mob during the Vols' Oct. 29 game against South Carolina. Former UT coach and college football hall-of-famer Johnny Majors makes a cameo. FEAR THE PANTS! (via)
Majors, many of you will remember, wore the orange pants during his early tenure at Tennessee. Tennessee teams also wore the orange pants on the road with the white jerseys during that time, with only a few exceptions when they wore the white pants (e.g., 1979 at Alabama, 1979 at Ole Miss, 1981 Georgia, 1982 Vanderbilt). (via)
click here for the jambatron footage.

dooley looked great! the vols? not so much...

get your t-shirt here!

costumes rob wishes he had thought of.


Take a look at some photos from our trip, after the JUMP

tebowing: update

Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch drops to one knee  in ‘Tebowing’ pose after sacking Denver’s Tim Tebow Coverage

thanks, frank

29 October 2011

how is this a first?

stanford folks really are smart.

28 October 2011


Keeks and I are heading down to the mother land for the weekend. Here's what i expect to see.

what are liesl and weasel doing?

getting to know each other a little bit.

thx emilube!

this is so. good.

In a new 4AD Session, St. Vincent add polish and punch to four tracks from the already brilliant recent album Strange Mercy. Shot at Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Shangri-La Studios, and directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, the footage features performances of "Chloe in the Afternoon", "Surgeon", "Strange Mercy", and "Year of the Tiger", with Annie Clark's vocal eccentricities and shredding emphasized high in the audio mix. (via)

...is the new...

planking owling batmanning tebowing

what is john doing this weekend?

he modeled his costume on the news the other night. thx starla.


the whole damn album leaked. christmas in october!


...bella swan's best friend rocky the singing beagle!!!

thx melissa!

my second favorite mascot.

smokey's not in the capital one mascot challenge this year, but luckily my favorite non-tennessee mascot is. western kentucky's big red. he eats basketballs.

that voice is a-changin'

this song is terrifying.

getting to know your new quarterback

justin worley, the 2010 derek doolade national football player of the year. you know whom else holds that award? peyton fucking manning, that's whom. justin's from south carolina, and spurrier passed on recruiting him. we'll make him regret that, tomorrow night.

hApPy HaLLoWeEn!!!

here are 90 costume ideas...

...for your corgi (there are 90 of these.)


27 October 2011

REM's last video.

don't hold your breath for anything to happen.

what are you doing this weekend?

look what i found on the internet.


if you're not a brooklyn magazine subscriber yet, you should be. it's a gorgeous (and funny!) quarterly publication, and some of our friends even contribute. today, over on the evil groupon website, you can get a 2-year subscripsh for 8 bones. totally worth it. go on.


me:  we should make up a dance called the vol walk
kylie:  yes
me:  maybe the old soft shoe is the vol walk
which means that [starla] and john both did a tenn. dance
kylie:  yep

how lucky are we?

Post-4 commemorations continue with a live DVD release offering footage of the four shows Beyoncé played in August at New York City's Roseland Ballroom. It's called Live at Roseland and will be available exclusively at Walmart beginning November 21. A deluxe live DVD package will also be available on November 29, and is slated to include bonus offstage footage, seven music videos from 4 (guess there's another one on the way), and more. (via)
i see you, solange.

miss you, ty ty.

feels like 98

terrible news!

richard lawson quit gawker! via gawker.

26 October 2011

downward da'freak

"I've got this new yoga class. I've really been going in there and trying to get in touch with my Chi trying to keep everything level-headed. I think I've done a good job. The coaches have noticed, like you said, coming out here and really trying to stay positive because I feel like it's for the better of the team.
"It's something I found on my own. I've been trying to get my hands on a yoga mat, and I'm working on it. I think I'm going to get one this week. It'll be good for me."
-da'rick rogers

the spread for this weekend's game is only 3.5 points, jicyww. DJV, rachel, and i will tell you how it goes, because we'll be sittin' in neyland watching it!!!!

whatever you do...

...do NOT look at this witty and emergency-level-of-hunger-inducing grilled cheese website that sara jane just showed me.

feel like dancing?

from their upcoming album, el camino. out december 6th.

is it singtime yet?

thx carly

is it springtime yet?

andrew bird doc

Fever Year, director Xan Aranda’s 80-minute documentary on the latter half of Bird’s 2009, featuring studio footage, 10 live performances filmed at a pair of concerts in Milwaukee that October, and a guest appearance from St. Vincent. (via)

this happened at #occupyoakland last night

At around 9:30 p.m., there was a tense faceoff between protesters and police officers on Broadway at 14th Street. About 100 officers, some appearing to be sheriff’s deputies, stood behind a metal barricade in full riot gear and wearing gas masks, while on the other side people pressed against the barricade, waving peace signs and chanting slogans. A few protesters hurled objects — what looked like water bottles — at the police, while over a loud speaker, officers instructed people to disperse or risk “chemical agents.”
Shortly after 9:30 p.m. the announcements stopped. Moments later, the police began firing canisters of tear gas into the crowd. Many people ran, but a few protesters wearing gas masks stayed and continued to throw things at the police. Those who had been affected by the gas coughed repeatedly and appeared to weep. Some stooped before a woman who volunteered to rinse reddened eyes.


if you're a netflix member, you probably recently received a strange apology email (excerpt above) from their ceo, reed hastings, in which he expresses his regret in trying to split the company into 2 entities, one for streaming, and one for mailed dvd's.

i just came across this old-ass internet joke, parody-ing his original email as a series of follow-up emails. it's pretty awesome. here's the first one:

there's several more. keep reading.

true life : occupy wall street

Get More: Music News


what is kismet doing???

just kidding, that isnt kismet. but that is what its like when i go home for a visit. but i try not to sneak out when kismet goes to get some raisins.

puppy got stuck

what it feels like sometimes .

25 October 2011

what makes beyonce smile?

you, dummy.

moms, right ;)


birthgay boy

last weekend zac efron celebrated his bday at the box and left cross-eyed, drink splashed, and adorable. via

good news!

oh god damnit.

never seen anything quite like this.

a-thank you, john.

how adorable!

i'm sorry your house is terribly suburban and not scary at all, but i love what you've done with the place!

bonus link : the house singing "party rock anthem". "shots" might've been more compelling...

bonus track


occupy herbstreit

college football jokes!

thx joey!

Surprize Cake Tuesday

 Spotify this album and come on a tour of 1998 with us. Thanks one million, Nsicence.

i feel ya, DD.

24 October 2011

emily sent me this.

it's a-maz-ing. brb shame cube.

oh and it's totesSFW, jicyww.

rick genest hawks make-up

thx joey tony!

QB # 3.....nbd.

True freshman quarterback Justin Worley will start Saturday when Tennessee takes on No. 14 South Carolina at Neyland Stadium on Saturday.
Worley, a Rock Hill, S.C., native who broke numerous state passing records, replaces senior Matt Simms, who struggled over the past two weeks against No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama.
"We're not throwing and catching the way we need to and we're not calling the game the way we want to," coach Derek Dooley said today at his weekly press conference. "We just need to make this move.
"It's not something that's done on a whim. We have a lot of data to make a switch. We don't have a lot of data on Justin."
Worley hadn't seen the field until the fourth quarter of Saturday's 37-6 loss at Alabama. Worley didn't attempt the pass, as UT (3-4, 0-4 SEC) fumbled on the first play of his first possession and was pinned to its own goal line on its final possession. (via)
i'm sure everything will be fine. just fine.

set your tivos!

martha stewart's halloween special!

tonight at 8pm!

russell brand on #occupywallstreet

One of the movement’s significant principles is that there are no appointed leaders. That said, there are more experienced and pragmatic inhabitants to whom Daniel and I chatted. We were given a tour of the site and in spite of the lashing rain and gales, which I, of course regarded as the winds of change and cleansing rain, all we encountered were bonhomous and welcoming. Much more than I’d anticipated. Let’s face facts, one of the campaign’s few edicts is to provide the unrepresented 99% with a voice, had I, when I fitted into that demographic, chanced upon a touring celebrity I would have used that voice to tell him to fuck off, no matter how nice his scarf was. 
Perhaps it is this ambience of inclusion, of acceptance and indeed of love that has brought #OccupyWallStreet such success. There is a remarkable absence of anger and resentment which is why the movement resonates so deeply. Is this movement’s implicit goal to reengage our humanity? To reach beyond the political, the national and other illusory, temporary concepts and into our true, spiritual nature? (via)


tompkins square held its annual puppy costume parade over the weekend. get a load of these guys!

that might be the cutest thing i've ever seen.

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