08 August 2011


jenny just sent this pixie of royal from when i was there. i brought him that delicious braid as a present. it's at least half the reason he loves me so much. i think jacky's got himself one back there, too.

thx jenny!

hey there.

did y'all see michele bachmann on newsweek's cover?

stirring up controversy, as one might expect.

wall of complimentz

starla: i can't stop thinking about that squid salad from the blog and it is making me vom in my mouth
thanks a lot

what did thomas wilhelm do this weekend?

celebrated his bearthdie! (he's the one on the right, oc.) 28 bears old!!!

thx gabe!


full album stream here. get it while it's hot.

UPDATE!!!  it's 11 biscuits!
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