05 December 2013

2pzGifGuide - MS✌DANGELZ

If you're looking for a holiday gift for the most _______ (fill in the blank) 2pz correspondent this Etudes Studios 'Ombre' shirt, pant and hat combo will do nicely:

Etudes Studios is a site worth getting lost in and really anything from their store would make a good MS✌DANGELZ holiday gift... (blink) thank you, (blink) I love you.

nelson mandela can't read between the lines, because HE'S DEAD

yeah right tom daley, we can read between the lines.

cutest wreath!

getting ready for the weekend?

all the songs you heard this year.


purebreeding is murder!

click here to see what monsters humans are and what they've done to some of our noblest puppy creatures. of course, this isn't news to us here at 2Pz...

trend alert!

the hot new iphone game of the moment is QuizUp!

download it and link it to your fb and challenege me!

who wants a blizzard?

For better or for worse, it looks like the chain is finally making good on its summer of 2012 promise to open "three or four stores" in New York. Dairy Queen's Staten Island Ferry Street George Terminal location — the first in NYC — opened last summer after a lengthy renovations process and Hurricane Sandy–related setbacks. The Union Square–area DQ will occupy 2,500 square feet at 54 West 14th Street "on the ground and mezzanine" of the former Fabco Shoes, which sounds like a pretty large footprint to blanket with Blizzards. (via)
i'll always have a place at the dairy queen.

set your tivos

MOB WIVES IS BACK TONIGHT!!!!11111 #teamdrita

Dream Pet Situation

Tod: "Copper, you're my best friend."

Copper: "And you're mine too, Tod."

Tod: "And we'll always be friends forever. Won't we?"

Copper: "Yeah, forever."

via: buzzfeed

what's joel's dream dog, Rascal, doing?

jump kicking motorists. see more

mexico city tried to host an NBA game and their arena filled with smoke instead

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