27 January 2012

the latest indie cuntry lady act

first aid kit. they are SWEDISH! and sisters. 19 and 22 years old. can you believe it?

bonus link: the fleet foxes youtube cover that got them discovered three years ago. winchester goosebite city.

stupid tiger thinks pigs are tigers

Max: do you know the story?
her cubs died and she got mad depressed
so they gave her those pigs dressed up
and now she treats them like her own
stupid tiger

what your internet choices say about you.

click here to see google's profile of you as an ad target. and be sure to tell us of any inaccuracies (or accuracies!) in the comments, plz.

It just keeps getting worse

Remember Patrick Witt? The Yale qb we reported on when he made the mistake of choosing to play in the game we were going to instead of going to his Rhodes interview? Then it turned out his coach was a liar?  Turns out he may have been lying too and he is accused of being a sexual assailant.


ferris bueller's back.

matthew broderick will reprise the best role of his career on super joel sunday.

santigold - big mouth

i saw this, it was weird.

last night on jeopardy, one of the questions was a picture of rachel maddow, and no one knew who they were looking at.

what is DJV doing this weekend?

jk, don't watch this, deej. too scary.

did you know...

...that new york's fox 5 goofball anchor, greg kelly, is the son of NYPD commisioner, ray kelly??? me neither!

anyway, that guy's a rapist. allegedly.
The Manhattan district attorney’s office is investigating an accusation that Greg Kelly, a local television anchor who is a son of Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, raped a young woman in Lower Manhattan last October, law enforcement officials and Greg Kelly’s lawyer said Wednesday.
Police detectives initially interviewed the woman late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, one of the law enforcement officials said. 
But because of the conflict presented by the Police Department’s investigating a sexual assault accusation against the commissioner’s son, the case was handed over on Wednesday to the office of the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr. 
Mr. Kelly, 43, denied the accusation in a statement by his lawyer, Andrew M. Lankler, that was released Wednesday evening. (via)

west of memphis

KTV just showed me this trailer. looks goooooooood.

a dubstep super joel.

The Giants and the Patriots will meet on the field at Super Bowl XLVI, but when NBC goes to commercial, John Williams will meet dubstep and other modern music styles.
Intending to reflect the epic nature of this NFL championship, a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl, NBC commissioned composer Joel Beckerman to create an orchestral-rock hybrid of Williams' 2006 piece "Wide Receiver" for use during the game. Using a rock rhythm section and a 45-piece orchestra -- 90 percent of the musicians were from the New York Philharmonic -- Beckerman recorded a new 90-second version of "Wide Receiver" and newly composed music Thursday at New York's Avatar Studio for the Feb. 5 Super Bowl.
Beckerman described one version as dubstep, another as bombastic rock with percussion, and a third simply as "a percolating soundtrack." It's titled "Epic Matchup." "This year's game is expected to be the most watched telecast in history so NBC wanted it to be much bigger (than earlier versions)," Beckerman said shortly after the session concluded. "I did (an arrangement) in '09 that was much more a fanfare. This is more of an epic soundtrack." (via)


everyone just be thankful that you don't have shingles, ok?

your shingles playlist.

(ps - i'm not the one with the shingles. jicyww.)

colbert + sendak

completely delightful. part 2.

and look, TERRY GROSS!!

this is a wonderful time to remind you of that time terry gross interviewed maurice sendak and made all of america weep.

thx g!

shake it up.

 Memphis had a basketball team in the ABA days. They were called the Tams. Charles O. FInley owned them and the Oakland A's. Hence the color scheme. That's him in the hat.
Yesterday, the Grizz played a throwback game against the Clippers. These were the Uni's they were based on. Those short sleve satin jackets are the sheeeeeeiiiit. ditto on the pants.
This is what they came up with. Swing and a miss. Except for the letters.
thx rachel
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