30 April 2014

holy crap.


there are some notably good free concerts at prospect park this summer!

here are the ones i care about:

wednesday, june 4 : janelle monae
friday, june 20 : dum dum girls - hospitality - teen
saturday, june 21 : warpaint - yellowbirds
thursday, june 26 : shovels & rope - valerie june - shakey graves
friday, august 8 : st. vincent - san fermin

you can see them all here!

how to make thin hamster


ms. danglez and i collaborated to make you a rainy day playlist.

hope you like it!


today, the first of what promises to be a multi-day deluge of biblical proportions, let's look at this: some "artists" made this geodesic dome out of used up umbrella parts and two-liter bottles!

the rarest bear in the whole wide world.

Slowly, as I discover where to look, animal forms emerge: A lizard rests in the thin shade of a saxaul shrub. A saker falcon lifts off from a distant cliffside. Gerbils poke their heads from burrows.
But many days pass before I finally lay eyes on the animal I crossed half a world to see: a Gobi bear, among the rarest and least known large mammals on Earth. There are perhaps no more than two or three dozen left in the wild, and none live in captivity anywhere. (via)
i see you.
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