29 July 2011

your fortnightly boat.

toot tooooOOoOoOoooooOooottt!!

nErD aLeRt!

i saw this and i loved this before i even knew it was dutch.

la llotja de lleida by mecanoo
The mountain with the historical cathedral Seu Vella and the Segre river mark the high and low points of the mountainous landscape in which Lleida lies, after Barcelona the second city of Catalonia. On the banks of the Segre, somewhat outside the centre of the city, is coming La Llotja, a large conference centre with a theatre. Mecanoo has interpreted the landscape of Lleida as an exciting decor before which the building has been set down somewhat away from the river. The mise-en-scène is elaborated on three levels of scale. Regarded at the large scale of the region, the building represents a connecting link between the river and the mountain. Viewed at the level of the city, La Llotja and the river forms a balanced composition. At street level the cantilevers of the La Llotja de Lleida conference centre provide protection from sun and rain. (via)


live every week like it's shark week.

shark week starts sunday.

get excited!

i want this for my bearthdie please.

(via) thx ktv!

I want this for my birthdie please.

what is yuki doing?!

questioning my love for her, now that i've met royal.

don't worry, yukes! you're still my best gal!

music video lego remake

the original

the lego version!

i really identify with little miss late

HIIIiiiiii. Happy Christmas. OHHhh. SOrry.

what jail looks like in norway.

this is kind of old news, but i took a took a vacay from the news while in portland, so i'm just getting caught up. what a nicely designed and pleasant space!
If a prisoner should grow tired of such depressing confines, he can always head out to the climbing wall, the recording studio, or the communal kitchen. "In the Norwegian prison system, there's a focus on human rights and respect," prison governor Are Hoida explained last May. "We don't see any of this as unusual." (via)
side note on norway:
Countries track recidivism rates differently, but even an imperfect comparison suggests the Norwegian model works. Within two years of their release, 20% of Norway's prisoners end up back in jail. In the U.K. and the U.S., the figure hovers between 50% and 60%. (via)

still crazy-eyed.

i just love this.
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