17 June 2014

something is happening in knoxville

controversial mural that used to be in the UC is going on display

what is dottie doing?

showing off her GORGEOUS first haircute!!! she turned one bear old yesterday.

thx ktv!

are you excited about your new emojis?

the magical emoticon guild banded together and released 250 new emojis yesterday. now all we have to do is wait for apple to render them and update their emoji library (july?). here is a list of the new ones. i can't wait to see how thomas wilhelm will pervert these.

in other futbol news... USA! USA! USA! USA!

we beat the shit out of that tiny West African country!

here is an abbreviated version of the nymag gif recap

1) clint dempsey scored almost immediately

2) cheers cheers cheers unexpected delight

3) clint dempsey gets kicked in the face and it looks like his nose is broken but it isnt

4) ghana scores to tie the game in the 82nd minute

5) surprise! four minutes later an american boy knocks the ball in with his head and we're winning again!


keekerz speakerz

i can't stop listening to courtney barnett's album. try it on for size. old timey sound with a bit of twang, clever lyrics. it's a real treat.

Croatian Butts

the croatian soccer team may have lost their world cup match against Brazil, but then they took a long naked group soak int he hot tub, so we are all winners now. via

This is my current state / metaphor for life


these two tornados scissored all over nebraska yesterday.

the twooooooooooo sisters.
A storm in Nebraska produced an extremely rare pair of tornadoes this evening as it tracked through the northeastern part of the state. Multiple vortices are common in the strongest tornadoes (think Joplin), but two large, distinct tornadoes side-by-side like this is almost unprecedented. (via)
did you know that gawker has a weather-related subset called the vane? that is right up my tornado alley.

bonus link : read this awesome wikipedia about the 1965 palm sunday tornado outbreak, the last recorded #doubletornado #twistersisters
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