08 September 2010

really excited about this.

hbo's upcoming series, "boardwalk empire". steve buscemi, michael pitt, martin scorcese, 1920's atlantic city.

yes plz!

RIP main LFO guy.

no one can say you didn't live a full life.

to be honest, i always preferred this LFO song:

but overall, i was more of a BBmak fan back in '99...

the new psychic google...

...just made me clap my hands together and giggle like a baby!

here goes another one:
aaaaaaaaaaaAAAaaaaHHh!!! clap clap!!

Wiblingen Abbey Library

if its not baroque, you know. via.

me say day me say day me say day

in honor of Otho, aka Glenn Shadix. RIP.

snooki, what you durin gurl?



if you follow my twittersomethings, you will know i watched evita today on vhs; madonna being madonna-ish in all of her glory. this movie is my-so-guilty pleasure. im not going to recommend you watch it, because most people hate it, but not me! loves.

shana tova y'all

blow your shofar if you got one

i want that.

via what may be the most useful blog i've seen in a while....


this guy caught a 30-lb goldfish in france!

old news.

i didn't share arcade fire's new interactive internet music video for 'we used to wait' with you 2 weeks ago, because i coudlnt get it to work on my work computer. i finally remembered to try it at home over the weekend, and it really is as cool as everyone says. i mean seriously, no one on the internet will shut up about it.

in short, you enter the street address of your childhood home, and it incorporates images from google maps and streetview into the video, so it looks like it's happening in your neighborhood! so try it.

anyway, pitchfork interviewed the director, chris milk, jic you care to know more about the process:
Pitchfork: The video has this really powerful personal effect, using Google Street View and the viewer's childhood house. What gave you the idea to use peoples' actual specific childhood memories rather than trying to evoke generic childhood memories?
CM: As a filmmaker, you are constantly having the discussion with your team about whether something is "relatable". Is the story relatable? Is this character relatable? So I was curious. What if instead of seeing a neighborhood that reminds you of the place you grew up in, you see your actual neighborhood? The data exists. The technology exists. It's just a matter of sourcing it and processing it in a compelling fashion.
And I think there is a nice symmetry between the themes of this piece and many of the themes the band explores in their music. Waiting for something vs. instant gratification, nature vs. suburban sprawl, analog vs. digital, human emotion vs. a well-oiled machine, random growth of life vs. exacting mechanical precision, pen and parchment vs. 1s and 0s. The whole project is essentially human nostalgia produced by the most advanced technology available today. (via)

free television

a handy guide to where you can find your favorite tv online for your viewing pleasure.

i just wish someone would tell me where i could find my favorite dramas, or bravo shows.

this is the guy you would take home from a wedding

according to a scientific study


when life gives you watermelons

you end up smacked in the face

you're welcome.

i'm eating some right now.

don't be jelly.

next time they'll be brown bottomz.


nErD aLeRt!

(via) thx mr.

do you want to watch me try to lift this?

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

dean fleischer - camp with jenny slate (who just got laid off)
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