04 December 2012

Happy Birthday Delta Burke!!

Don't go getting too crazy tonight. I know that drinking margs runs in the family.

rat scat

the view from a robot penis


on my christmas list

this guy in vancouver is selling the entire basketball court from the former Grizzlies practice facility. bargain shopping!

thx craig.

omg, nypost!

this is tasteless, even for you!



reminds me of stains!!!

look at my new thing!

I purchased this print at porter flea. don't look now but i think your jelly beans are showing.

why i love the real housewives of atlanta

Finally we are at lunch; Cynthia shows up first wearing golden serving plates as earrings, and Phaedra quickly follows in her finest goth Easter hat. Phaedra has brought a giant apology bouquet to Cynthia; Cynthia accepts her apology and makes a show out of deleting the incriminating voicemail from last week while simultaneously hypnotizing the wait staff with her Wonder Woman cuff earrings. Kandi shows up and warns everyone she invited Kenya moments before Kenya glides in wearing confetti, saying hello to everyone accept Cynthia. Nene totters in on twenty-inch heels, and Kim brings up the rear. Once everyone is seated, Kenya says, “Is this a couple’s trip? Am I invited?” Cynthia remains stone-faced and says nothing, and for a second I forget how annoying she is in the face of all that ATTITUDE! Kandi smirks while she looks on, waiting for Cynthia to say something, and for the first time ever I’m a little disappointed in Kandi and how much she’s instigating this situation. Kenya declares, “Well, I’m inviting myself!” in the face of Cynthia’s silence, and listen — I know she is a maniac, but I am loving Kenya more and more each week. She will never take the high road!

because of the nymag recap


muppet babies make me so happy

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