20 August 2010

i think she's going to make it big one day


joel asked if we have to learn all the arcade fires' names. well, no. but you DO have to admit that regine is pretty cool. she wrote and sings the best song (well...) on the new album. and she wrote and sings my favorite arcade fire song of all time, haiti. and did you know, she's fucking from there!?

well, she is. so. just admit it.

please? please.

this is something

britney v britney on the set of glee. hells yeah.
word on the internet is that britney (on the show) is going to play britney (from real life) in several britney (both?) inspired musical numbers.

do you watch eastbound and down?

i recommend you get on board because im going to want to talk about it with you.

music video friday!

drake + lil wayne - miss me

toro y moi - low shoulder

music video friday!

yeasayer - madder red (starring kristen bell....don't watch if you nauseate easily)

cee-lo green, the soul machine

F*uck You

not exactly music video, but sort of.

kings of leon 2 kewl 4 glee

the rolling stones, tina turner, madonna, and kiss are all cool with glee licensing their songs for use in their hit show, but no such luck from the kings of leon. despite their three tracks that have appeared on gossip girl one of the followills said:

“We could have sold out so much more. We turn stuff down constantly,” frontman Caleb Followill added. “We had some people call us up wanting to know if we’d allow ‘Use Somebody’ to appear in the trailer for their next movie, and we turned them down. Next day, they called back and tried to put us through to the star of the movie—I won’t name names, but he’s an incredibly famous actor—to let him try and convince us to agree to do it.
“I was like, ‘Man, don’t even waste your energy’.”

cool dude.

saturday. the word alone makes me happy. it's like i'm rolling on ecstacy.

icyhh : dr. laura is a racist a-hole

unfortunately, you've probably heard that dr. laura schlessinger said the big bad N-word 11 times in like 5 minutes during one of her radio broadcasts. i thought this story would disappear quickly, but it hasn't. now sarah palin has decided to weigh in and defend dr. laura from the government's intrusion upon her right to free speech. what's that? the government doesn't care that dr. laura said the N-word 11 times in 5 minutes? it's actually her sponsors, like general motors, who are refusing to pay dr. laura to say racist things on radio? so the market place is censoring dr. laura, not the government, and no right's have actually been violated? sorry sarah, i guess american is not as unfair as you think it is.

let me add some of kylie's brilliant personal perspective:

let's say, purely for speculation, that some muslims wanted to build a community center in tribeca, but conservatives activists didn't like that because it's not far enough away from ground zero. i bet sarah palin would be all, "american is not fair!" And, "don't step aside because your first amendment rights cease 2exist thx 2activists trying to silence you!!!!11" no, she wouldn't.

it's funny that using the N-word 11 times is just usin' your freedom of speech, but building an islamic community center in new york city is "unnecessary provocation".

some video for your viewing pleasure:

bunnerz speakerz

i got an email about sufjan's new EP. listen free or buy here. i'm only in the first song, but i'm enjoying it. they also sent a link for this album that is free to download. i haven't listened yet, but they're on snuffle's label.

i really enjoyed snuffles. the other one is one good song remixed 4 times, which gets a little repetitive, but I enjoyed it at least once.


(via) thx melissa!

15 days.

some ridiculous hype to get you pumped up:
Now, we'll all admit now that we may have made a bad choice with Lane Kiffin. But that's okay, because Lane Kiffin got us to Derek Dooley. And I'm telling you, this guy knows his stuff. He's gonna bring the intensity and perfection he demands of himself to the team this fall. And if his father could win at Georgia? The son is guaranteed to win at Tennessee.
See, we've gone back to our roots. This one, he understands us. He understands southern football. If I go down to the Big Orange Caravan to look him in the eye, he's not going to be hiding behind some sunglasses. He's going to stare into my soul and make me believe that we're going to win right away. That rebuilding thing people keep talking about? We just don't do that around here. We've just spent the last couple of years being good to a legend and letting him stay on maybe too long, and then taking the sort of chances that championship programs take! But this one, he ain't no chance. Derek Dooley is the real deal. Boom. (via)

regine is the coolest.

bonus link:
arcade fire on the daily show

turns out that sunset is famous.

i looked up wednesday evening and realized my entire apartment was glowing bright volunteer orange. so i went up to the roof to take a look, and snapped this pixie while i was up there. looks like lots more people also loved this sunset. it really was a good one.

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