31 March 2011

marlon brando :: over it

lets go see source code

jake's new movie directed by duncan bowie is the best reviewed studio film of the year so far. via.

chuck bass and his boyfriend at the knicks game.

they won, jicyww

ctm this guy


Poncho's tail never stops wagging

even when he is stuck in a sleeve.



The venomous Bronx Zoo Egyptian cobra that alarmed and delighted New Yorkers when it escaped from its enclosure was found today, ending a six day search for the celebrated snake.

The elusive snake was found "coiled, sort of secluded in a dark corner" about 9 a.m. a couple hundred feet away from the enclosure she had slipped out of, said Bronx Zoo Director Jim Breheny.

It was recovered by a Reptile House employee using "special tongs to grip the animal," Breheny said. (via)

my new single "my new single is droppin'" is droppin'

the video for katy perry's new single "ET" featuring kanye west just dropped! in related news, the song just claimed the #1 spot on itunes over lady gaga's "born this way".

what do you think?

song of the summer : candidate # 1

chris brown (feat. timbaland + big sean) - paper scissors rock


kid cudi is her favorite


puppy learns bark volume trick


30 March 2011

well that makes sense

turns out there may be a reason this former vol quarterback was so inconsistent. and also an excuse for those highlights. erik ainge opens up about his addiction struggles here.

something to get you in the baseball season mood

and proof that the yankees are the best.

alex rodriguez: jay-z - already home

a top 20 list of walk-out songs. thx starla!

proof that she sucks.

taylor swift being the absolute worst with a pathetic attempt at some fang fingers. ;(

dedicated to starla

class of '01 b's!!!!!111

29 March 2011

more gchatz w/ john

kylie: i hate when contruction industry professionals start emails with "gentlemen,"
john: why?
kylie: it just makes me feel unwelcome
like the muslims next door
john: i also think it comes off as condescending. like, i'm saying gentlemen, because i really want to say assholes
it's very stilted
i feel like people only say that when they're angry and want to remain civil
kylie: "gentlemen," reads to me as "arent you guys glad there aren't any stupid sluts on this email for once?"
john: ctm
i've never seen it that way before.
kylie: like "its ok, its just us"
john: just penises!
kylie: "does anyone want to make jokes about asian women?"
john: i think me being a big ol' gay quashes a lot of their boys club fun.
there have been a few nasty jokes
kylie: have there?
john: and i always let them know how thoroughly unimpressed i am
we built a shelf into a shower that's in one of the private office bathrooms
and a person on the construction management team said it's where the police chief would lean while he gets his blow jobs
and i was like, gross.
kylie: good!
then you were like "unless its from a boy!"
john: ctm!
i wish
kylie: you put one finger up in the air in a point-of-information way
"unless its from a boy!"
and then smiled, so satisfied with yourself
john: and just let everyone stare at me in horror
kylie: totally

gchatz w/ john

john: so i fell into my desk and chair today after coming back from lunch.
kylie: go on
john: i accidentally sat on the arm of my chair and it rolled into my desk with me teetering perilously on the edge. i had to slam my hand down on the desk to stop myself from rolling, and then i fell into the chair with one leg still hung over the arm of the chair.
legs spread, crotch in the air.
kylie: aaaaaaaaahahahaha
john: kLa$sY!!!!
also, i have been almost completely unable to spell today
i think i have a brain tumor or something
falling down, can't spell. it's either a tumor or i'm drunk.
and i just can't tell.

a step in the right direction

Under the new rules — which take effect immediately — building owners must inspect and treat apartments next to, above and below any unit that has bedbugs. They also must notify all tenants when bedbugs have been detected and distribute a plan on eradicating them. (via)
that law will be just perfect if they add one more thing: mandatory roscoe visits.

jimmy and martha makin' ice cream cake

that's television gold.


president obama talked to us about libya last night.


you have probably already heard that this weekend, an egyptian cobra escaped from its cage at the bronx zoo. it is still missing. they think he's probably just hiding under his house somewhere and will come out when he's hungry (for people), but in the meantime, check out this probably-real twitter.

some egyptian cobra factz:
it is the same snake cleopatra is rumored to have used to commit suicide.
it can kill an elephant in 3 hours, and a person in 15 minutes.
it could take weeks to find!


thx4nothing, starla.

dear starla,

why didn't you tell me about this song from a year ago featuring ke$ha? how many times do i have to remind you that you are in charge of telling me what the kids are listening to? you know how much i love k$. people are going to start calling me last2know-kaiser. all thanks to your lack of diligence.

consider this your final warning.

love you!

28 March 2011

would you like a reason to like coach cuonzo?

i spent this time some afternoon learning a little bit more about our new basketvol coach, and while we haven't had much time to grieve, i think i'm ready to give him a chance. look how sweet he is! this blurg post makes a good case.

he's a former college and professional player and a kancer survivor. here he is accepting the award for best coach in the MVC, which i guess is some kind of basketball conference. anyway, a big orange welcome! (don't mess this up.)

what only adults should be listening to.

don't worry, deej. it's been ok for a while.

what the kids are listening too

I know I'm supposed to hate him, and I do. I do, but this song is hot as heeeeeel.

oh land : white nights (on a couch)

i fought it as long as i could. i'm hooked.

nerd alert!

A Portuguese guy named Eduardo Souto de Moura won this year's Pritzker Prize. I always thought that Stadium was pretty cool.

please welcome...

the new bruce pearl!

his name is cuonzo martin, and that's all i care to know about him.

i want a bamboobike.

In short, a team of Project M cyclists will depart from Greensboro, AL this summer and journey across the United States on Common Cycles built with Alabama bamboo to talk about the power of design and the awesomeness of bamboo. (via)

thx ktv.

26 March 2011

red panda playing in the snow

that is all

anna wintour, covergirl

looking fresh to death.

did you know knut is being stuffed?

they are going to put his taxidermied corpse on display in berlin. this is not how we treat out celebrity bears. via. also, they did the autopsy; he had brain damage.

im obsessed with this guy

it's a nicola formichetti interview where he discusses his own obsession with zombie tatto guy rico genest. he was discovered on facebook. via.

what is kismet doing?

he is playing with MY toys!!!

this puppy's owners make weird noises


25 March 2011

i want to SEE that.

"Astronomy and archaeology, Mr. Guzman believes, are variations of the same quest, with one directed toward the sky and the other into the earth." (via)

for keeks

i searched my gmail for the earliest reference to "wbd" that hasn't been deleted. it was this chat to kylie on 12 june 2006:

me: Speaking of WBD, did you and joel get moved in alright?

kylie and joel had just moved to alphabet city from knoxville, and i was not yet in new york.

dedicated to bun-bun


happy 100th anniversary, triangle shirtwaist factory fire ;(

ever wonder why we have labor rights, emergency exit signs, and my favorite construction industry term, "panic hardware" (push bars) on doors, etc? well, the triangle shirtwaist factory fire of 1911 is why. today marks 100 years since this horrific tragedy, and i've included the segment of ken burns' new york documentary which, incidentally, is required 2Pz viewing. netflix that s up.

24 March 2011

happy KISMET day!

today is KISMET day on dictionary.com
what are you doing to celebrate?
thanks tanya and leslie for the info.

tUnE-yArDs : bizness


solange and the guy from grizzly bear (not that one, the other one) and twin shadow, for charity

23 March 2011


he truly was england's rose. too bad he died so young.

oh wait.

new tv on the radio

21 March 2011

swiperboy made a spring video too!

tomorrow is swiperboy's 21st birthday evreyone!

chowder and gizmo are in LUV

love, benja

rusted razor belts

trouty mouth - glee

so so good. original songs worked for me. what did you think?

erin baker has something for bruce pearl...

i'm sure he appreciates that, erin.

RIP bruce ;(

the internet is starting to rumble that bruce pearl has officially been fired by mike hamilton and the university. sad day. ;(

 "As many of you know, I have been fired as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers," read an entry posted Monday on Pearl's Facebook page. "This really does not come as a surprise to me, but my emotions are getting the best of me. This is perhaps the saddest day in my life. I loved everything about Tennessee, Knoxville and the Volunteers. These were the best years of my life." (via)


tennessee NEEDS this.

i thought this was lilly.

i support any jersey bashing.

no matter how bad the rapping is.

thx heather!

keekerz speakerz

i'm really enjoying this r&b throwback trend that's happening right now.

happy bearthday g.animalz!!!


let's make a cake.


how did you..... nevermind.


how much is that puppy in the window?

the one with the waggedy tail. via. miss you kismet. mommy needs to figure out how to upload pictures to facebook so her christmas camera finds its porpoise.

the famous lil sebastian

20 March 2011

know what? im an otter ya'll!!


rick genest for mugler by nicola formichetti

via source

your lean pockets were delicious


2 baby posts? what is wrong with me

babies STINK!

Ellie, no...

Joe Jonas is NOT gay

at least that is what he told details magazine. and everyone knows details is the type of magazine that is definitely NOT gay. his girlfriend did breakup with him to start dating a king of leon, but whatever.

i dont think it was like this in the wild


19 March 2011


how embearassing. stetson must feel like the gentleman vols

Knut is dead :(

Tragedy in Germany today. While around 700 zoo attendees watched, Knut collapsed and died today at the young age of four. Cause of death is unclear. Cause of polar bear puppy cuteness, TBD. Rest in Peace Knut. via.

18 March 2011

what is thomas wilhelm doing this weekend?

slow nekkid givin you throat babies

the dirtiest song ever written just came on radio kylie. happy friday everyone!

what's your favorite lyric?


The dream of the 1990s is not alive only in Portland: it’s also flourishing on MTV, which on Thursday morning announced that it was resurrecting “120 Minutes,” the musical showcase that introduced insomniacs (and viewers who recorded it on their VCRs and watched it the next day after school) to many memorable acts from the age of Nirvana. (via)

what's for breakfast?????

melissa's eating a chicken biscuit from chicken-fil-a and i would murder her brother for it.

17 March 2011

what is sammi sweetheart doing?

 makin' himself at home.
sneakin' past the plants.
showin' you his beautiful browns.
presentin' jazzy with an existential crisis.
takin' a snooze... (those colors!)
...with his new bestie.

thx dad!

don't be jelly.

oh my god.

thx markie!!!!!!!!!!!

keekerz speakerz

warpaint - undertow

yellow ostrich - whale

star slinger - mornin'

lady gaga - born this way (twin shadow remix)

well happy st patty's day i guess.

this is where thomas wilhelm is from.

did anyone else notice...

...that president obama picked every single tennessee team to lose in the first round? what's his deal, anyway?

16 March 2011

daily ri ri

rihanna is the vogue cover girl for april's shape issue. shape issue?

just a reminder : brackets!

the tournament starts tomorrow! so fill your 2Pz bracket out today!

(pool password : jazzykismet)

ke$ha on va¢ay

i dont understand it.
and i won't respond to it.

"it" being her body.

puppies vs. kittes polls OPEN

vote here! (feeyuxed!)


this chinese puppy (his name is hong dong, which means 'big splash') just sold for 1.6 million dollhairs, making him the most expensive puppy in the WWW (whole wide world). he's a tibetan mastiff, one of the oldest breeds around, and i've never seen anything like him.


puppies in danger.

this japanese puppy is getting himself scanned for radiation. ;(

RIP nate dogg

he just hit the eastside of the LBC ...in the sky ;(

15 March 2011

"my jeans" is the new "friday"

i just can't believe they worse those jeans like me.

i thought starla would like to hear this.

UPDATE! while watching this, it occurred to me that jc chasez and teen mom chelsea's boyfriend adam kind of look alike. while trying to google photo evidence, i discovered that there is a large group of internet people that think teen mom amber looks just like adam lambert.



new strokes album

stream it here.

ten bucks it sounds exactly like their other three albums that sounded exactly the same.
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