31 August 2016

29 August 2016

re: britney

who had the misfortune of following bey at the VMAs last night.


26 August 2016


burn city

burn burn city.

excuse me


25 August 2016

omg LOL

RIP Aaliyah on her deathaversary

7 DAYS!!!!111

that dance is called the memphis paper chase. but i'm sure joel already knew that.

24 August 2016

the first of its kind in all the world

oh the humanity

blimp crash

i already saw that movie.

just got a NYT notification to tell me:
Another Earth could be circling the star right next door to us.
Astronomers announced on Wednesday that they had detected a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest neighbor to our solar system. Intriguingly, the planet is in the star’s “Goldilocks zone,” where it may not be too hot nor too cold. That means liquid water could exist at the surface, raising the possibility for life.
Although observations in recent years, particularly by NASA’s Kepler planet-finding mission, have uncovered a bounty of Earth-size worlds throughout the galaxy, this one holds particular promise because it might someday, decades from now, be possible to reach. It’s 4.2 light-years, or 25 trillion miles, away from Earth, which is extremely close in cosmic terms. (via)


23 August 2016

this guy's job

SVE orlando tribute

this is real cute.

9 days, y'all.

19 August 2016

nErD aLeRt!

how many of these sections can you identify? and don't lie or i'll know.

i got 7 / 12.

18 August 2016

stranger things OST

manatee advice

17 August 2016

hump day got me like

do you need an afternoon podcast?

how about julie klausner and terry gross chatting?

i'll be watching.

even though it stars amy adams and looks a little dumb.

i'll be watching.

"he wasn't afraid of me."

16 August 2016

is your mouse finger faster than usain bolt? FIND OUT!

15 August 2016


12 August 2016

gchatz w/ john

John: so weird
i just got a message from you that says "bye!"
and it's time stamped 5:41 pm
i assume that was from you yesterday
a message from the past!
me: maybe it was from the future
John: i hope so
me: its from beyond the grave
John: it's like a message in a bottle
me: its from 5.41pm on the day i die
John: that's sweet
wish there was a date
so you could prepare
me: i know what it is. but ill never tell you
John: the date you'll die on?
me: i will say that its after you
but i also know that we will have gchat in the afterlife
John: i'm not so sure of that
me: i'm saying bye because ill be on my way to heaven
and you're somewhere else
John: what if you go at my doing?
me: you actually die while attempting to murder me
John: that would explain why i'm somewhere else
this is so complicated
me: thats how i know i outlive you
John: your death is too complicated
me: i've seen it
in a beautiful nightmare
your death is VERY simple
John: explain
i would like to keep my death simple
i prefer the term "understated"
me: if you can describe bleeding to death from a slit throat as understated, then yes
John: that doesn't seem simple at all
it seems long!
me: simple for me
of course, it can all be avoided
if you never cross me
you wont get your throat slit
John: well then, when i come to kill you i know to wear a protective collar
and you know i love an accessory
gonna stock up on chain-mail collars
me: i'm going to slit your other throat
John: i can wear protection down there too
all my arteries will be protected when i decide to do you in
me: i'm going to give you a new smile. down there.
John: now you've lost me
you're going to give me a colombian necktie on my dick?
me: just keep your hands off me and you'll be fine
John: but i'm going to wear all sorts of protection, so i'll be fine regardless of what i do

another champion named simone!

i burst into tears when this happened.

and i burst into laughter when i saw this:

make sure you're following leslie jones on snapchat, now that she's made it to rio. #slayallday

need this on spotify, dad.

10 August 2016

sloth advice


09 August 2016

when you look cute but you're not summer ready

talented indeed.

mz jackson

05 August 2016

Is your Investment Advisor this cool?

Probably not.
My Bank is hosting it's first WOW-lympics and as the new blood, I was recruited to spear head our skit. Check out the video below and LIKE the video on the bank's facebook page HERE

but look how cute this dog it tho

we habin funz

03 August 2016

02 August 2016

BNA's getting a makeover

if it's anything like the other recent construction projects in nashville, i'm sure it will be sophisticated and timeless...

"grand ole lobby"
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