03 December 2012

beyonce documentary special tease


brb outside: nashville, PoRteR FLeA edition

last saturday, friend of toops, KTV organized and held the biggest deal in nashville since that show, nashville.  there was great food and gifts and when i got there, there was a line around the block! way to go KTV. Thanks to 2pz sister Missy for coming to meet me. I'll post picture of the treasures i found later.

ha ha ha homeland turned into a comedy

from @richjuz



plain people

during a sunday night moonshiners marathon i was having last night some ads came on for my new favorite show (hopefully). it's called amish mafia. you can read about it here. someone is pissed about it (obvi) here.

oh shit kate and will are expecting a baby

a little prince (or princess) is on the way!
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