22 January 2011

teach me how to dougie

seriously i want to dougie

nErD aLeRt! UPDATE : 1 day left to vote!

2Pz friend theo, of design studio rich brilliant willing, has entered the LifeEdited design competition to create a 432 s.f. space that can accommodate a challenging amount of functions.
The brief: design a jewel of an eco apartment in NYC, it's gotta have room for dinner for 12, guest lounge for 8, steam room, kitchen, office, master bedroom and guest bedroom. The tricky part: It's all got to fit in a 18' x 24' room, you can use whatever tricks you like, including murphy beds, moving walls and more. (via)
we really love his entry, and ask all of our readers to check it out here. if you love it too, help ol' theo out by voting accordingly. if you rate 25 projects or more, your vote will be weighted more. what else do you have to do today? that's what i thought.

hulu classix

cat paint is an iphone app

werk it BEEEEYotch

swiperboy "wassup fans"

go to his website.

snooki tweets remorse

sleeping puppy gets a bath from kitty


classic youtubez

swiperboy :: eric berry

#govols beat those fat ugly pathetic uconn losers!
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