21 June 2011

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barack obama baby whisperer


robot dog

Naki’o's tragic life — his owners abandoned him as a puppy when their Nebraska home was foreclosed, and he lost his paws to frostbite after getting stuck in an icy puddle — took a turn for the best when he was adopted by veterinary technician Christie Tomlinson, who raised funds necessary to purchase prosthetics for Naki’o's hind legs.

carry me home ryan gosling


just close your eyes and wait for the weekend


what is Kismet doing???

Kismet is in recovery; he did lose half his body mass in fluff. Turns out he is still chubby under there though.

sweet tea vodka

UPDATE - kylie taught me how to embed

c and p that

i don't know how to embed videos from nytimes.com, so you'll just have to click the link.

rico, mugler, colette, paris


new zoe

new hot brad. via.

look at this look at this look at this

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