08 November 2010

seven pets.


someone call derek dooley

via. the trickiest trick play. dont tell any rebel black bears.

surprise animals!


It's a 2pz dilemma!

this is a terrible picture of a map that documents the trip between Mouth of D.H. and Neyland Stadium. the trip takes google 3 hours and 9 minutes.

Here's the dilemma. We have a super scrimmage (3 games in one afternoon) somewhere in N.C. on Saturday. I won't get back to school until maybe 7 or 8 which puts me in fort knoxville around 11. Do I Titan Up and make the drive? BrownBear in mind that i will have driven a short bus for 5 hours and asst. coached 3 games.

you know the answer.

See you in Knoxville.

happy birthday parker posey

1st Annual 2pz Petz Halloween Costume Contest

Select your favorite pet costume in the poll at the top of the homepage. Thank you for all of the entries. All your pets are so cute and as far as 2PzNaPpod is concerned, they are all winners in our hearts. On that note, vote for the one that is cuter than the rest. Voting will last for one week.

Kismet is Humphrey Beargart from Casablanca

Isabella is an 80s Aerobic Instructor

Charlie is a Bunch of Sour Grapes

Maggie is a Squirrel

Bella is a Busy Bee

Gus is a Sleepy Dinosaur

Ripley is a Crabby Lobster

im going to tell you something

i like jimmy fallon and the late show with jimmy fallon. nymag just interviewed him.

daily ri ri

Rihanna + Nicki Minaj, Raining Men

somebody gave katy perry a bath and outfit

she looks great and her tits arent out or anything

jake gyllenhaal in esquire

jakey g got his pic in esquire because his new movie with annie hathaway is coming out in two weeks.

a person in a bear suit gets startled

he shouldnt be climbing all up that ladder

welcome to the future.

after wrastlin' with time warner's overly complicated website, i finally hacked into my own account services to check out the new "remote dvr" feature. it knows i'm going to watch gossip girl tonight. it does NOT know how to spell my name.

pretty awesome.


she's almost as good as i am!

(via) thx leigh anne via lilly!
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