09 September 2010

polar bear hugs

you get polar bear hugs if you drive a nissan leaf. deal.

un film de julian SCHNABEL

MIRAL. the diving bell and the butterfly was one of the most beautiful films i have ever seen. i bet this is going to be good.

naomi campbell: model, citizen, badass

naomi campbell rocks my tits off. i saw her in a repeat on oprah today, and then there is this nytimes article; bitch causes a scene.

she does power cleanse three times a year, sometimes for 18 days at a time. no wonder she gets angry! its called hunger! it happens to me three times a day at least.

in love. werk it out.

im off fish.

we are going to run out of seafood by 2048 anyway. image via.

dj pauly d lets his hair down

sammi and angelina immediately grab brushes and start petting his hair. watch the video here.

trapped chilean miners

they are sending them bibles and games, but they arent allowed to have alcohol or cigarettes. what kind of mine tragedy is this? check out these awesome pics. still trapped for a couple more months i suppose. which one do you think is the cutest?

listen to the hell out of this

ron isley (ft. lauryn hill !!!) singing burt bacharach's close to you. via
if lauryn still sounds this great, i will buy her next album with real money.

i heard a buzzing...

... Kismet heard it too, so i followed him. then i witnessed one of the most terrifying things i have ever seen. i saw a spider wrapping up a struggling fly in the windowsill.

i may never sleep again.

what is kismet doing?

melissa wanted to know. so here it is. bum.

oh hell no

i want to SEE that!

september 15.

here, lilly.

it's buttonless! get it? except for the buttons you type on....


this new song by will smith's daughter, willow smith, is way better than rihanna's new song.

but she's also totes bitin' ri-ri's style.

whatever became of that ri-ri song called 'whippin' my hair'? that was a good jam.
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