11 August 2014

a 10 minute budweiser documentary about memphis music

we don't just watch tv shows not to tell anyone about it.

this weekend i watched three new television shows, if you can believe that.

firstly, would you like to watch maggie gyllenhaal in a british spy thriller centered on the israeli-palestine conflict? of course you would!!! i watched the first two eps of this 8-part miniseries called "the honourable woman", which is currently airing on the sundance channel, and i literally can not wait for it to be thursday so i can watch another one. if you don't have cable, you should buy them on amazon prime. if you don't have amazon prime, then i'm not sure how you are getting your ahhqua bars and pineapplepiecers and fanny packs in a timely manner this summer.

next, while i was waiting in a pretty long line to see st. vincent on saturday, i listened to the latest episode of julie klausner's podcast, wherein she interviewed david rees. he has a new show called "going deep" on natgeo. i liked the concept of his tv show, which is basically to launch fairly in-depth inquiries into fairly mundane topics. i saw myself in it. he's a funny guy and it's a funny show, and i recommend trying it out when you've run out of everything else to watch. it's on hulu.

and finally, i watched the premiere of "the knick", which is a steam-punk turn-of-the-century grey's anatomy starring clive owen! also, it's directed and produced by steven soderberg. i thought it was pretty weird but i'm definitely not going to stop watching or anything. it's on cinemax, but hbo owns them now so you can watch in on hbogo, ok?

did you / do you watch any of these things? what did you think? tell me everything.

i have some great news.

if you're like me, you've spent the last couple of weeks wondering "whatever happened to rene russo? she must've passed away." well, guess what. she's got a new movie coming out, with jakey gyllenhaal!

on a related note: i watched outbreak yesterday and can report that it's a timeless classic. just like "what about bob?". we also decided to make it a theme night, and watched the andromeda strain. that movie is delightfully bonkers. 11 biscuits all around!

jenny lewis on tv

Jenny Lewis stopped by "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to perform two tracks from her latest album, The Voyager. In addition to doing "She's Not Me" and "Just One of the Guys", she did a brief interview segment about being scared to release the album, her experience as a child actor, and her struggles with insomnia. (via)
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