03 August 2015

drew the bully for president!

how many eps of wet hot have you watched?


minions are coming for you


dolly played a couple of shows at the ryman this weekend, and by all accounts, she was magnificent. read this feminist review.

02 August 2015

interesting choices

the vols have a weight-lifting nighttime party for some reason.

29 July 2015

i don't like this kitchen.

i LOVE it!

is it football time in tennessee yet or WHAT.

38 days!

long read(s)

y'all should check out this NYT series that is underway, called the outlaw ocean. so far there are 4 pieces, all presented in their interactive format. so far, my favorite is the latest one, in which the sea shepherd vessel, the bob barker, of whale wars fame, chases one of the world's most wanted illegal trawlers called tHe ThUnDeR!!!111



Paula Pell, the woman behind some of your favorite Saturday Night Live sketches, is creating a new half-hour comedy series for HBO. The as-yet-to-be-titled series will be about a “fallen Olympic figure skater who returns home to Massachusetts to confront her former bullish coach and narcissistic mother who have cashed in on her success,” reports Deadline. (via)

i feel ya, puppy

give up?

28 July 2015

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