04 February 2016

undecided about who to cheer for on sunday?

This played on the video board at Neyland Stadium during Peyton Manning's jersey retirement ceremony. Enjoy!
Posted by Vol Network- IMG on Thursday, August 18, 2011

peyton 4 ever.

cam newton will be here for a while longer, g-d willin'.

03 February 2016

marcia clark

you must read this nymag interview with marcia clark. she talks about everything: the trial, her hair, gender, race, etc.

02 February 2016

zebras be like

escaped zebra drill.

happy groundhog day! spring is just around the corner.

29 January 2016

best scoot on outta work before the boss catch ya


a new Beyonce video wrapped around a Coldplay song

my new life calling

pop ladies

you've probably listened to the ri ri album by now and learned that its just ok. i was reading this article discussing the transitions that several female pop artists have undertaken as of late, and they mentioned an interview with sia (who also had an album come out today). it's a really interesting look into how she crafts songs for artists. READ IT.

THE RACE TO A MILLION!!!!!!!!!1111111111

yesterday we hit 800,000 hits hits hits!!!!! ----------------------->

when we get to a million we're going to have a party!!!!!!!111111111

friday mornings with Joel

28 January 2016

cracker barrel gets with the nytimes

daily ri ri

if you want to give Tidal your email address you can download Rihanna's new album for free with the gift code she gives out below.

27 January 2016

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