29 July 2014

i want that.

balloon by giorgia zanellato.

speaking of apocalypses for buildings

The towers are oddly beloved by many people, especially architects, but the demolition serves as great theater. The three towers all collapse at once, and smoke rings bellow out of the top in the slow motion reel. While it's not the only time people have gathered to watch a demolition, the erasure of these cooling towers is particularly eerie, as they bring to mind apocalyptic images of nuclear meltdown. (via)
i recommend pushing play on "the voyager" and watching all the videos.

nErD aLeRt!

here's a cute collection of iconic museums in apocalyptic states.

go to the nearest blockbuster or hollywood video to watch the original mad max and the tina turner thunderdome so youre ready for this insane movie next year.


28 July 2014


have you watched "what about bob?" lately?

it's a great summer classic.

azealia banks - heavy metal and reflective


still 34 days.

what did starla do this weekend?


"are you fighting katniss? are you here to fight with us?" "i am. i will."

speaking of lisa frank, jenny lewis is a former sticker girl, natch

read this nymag interview

one thing you must do today is to watch this lisa frank video

spotted, on the UT strip

34 days!

25 July 2014

6 weekends left of summer

so you know, carpe diem

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