27 March 2015

i'm sure you have better plans than me, but i'll enjoy mine just fine.

just being honest.


March is outing like a lamb - 

GRIMES REALiTi - a supposedly "failed" attempt at a song according to Grimes - part of her "lost album" that she trashed a few month ago because she thought it wasn't up to snuff.

KELELA - A MESSAGE PRODUCER BY ARCA - Apparently Arca and Kelela meet by randomly dancing with each other at a club - which I don't buy since Kelela is one of the gods of "weird R&B" and Arca worked on FKA twigs album and Bjork's so ya know. 

ACTIVE CHILD - 1999 - kind of a "back to basics" for this guy after a very dancy snyth heavy ep featuring Ellie Goulding and those kinds of people.

because of what happened to pommes frites

jake gyllenhaal made a movie about a sexy boxer


oh, jesus christ.

i wanna chill with these ladies ASAP.

"are ya lookin' at yourself or are ya lookin' at us?"

dogs making mistakes.

pommes frites can see the future.

pommes frites tweeted this the day before their building collapsed due to the explosion. makes me real hungry.

26 March 2015

holy moly.

go ahead and full screen this. your boss won't mind one bit.

1:35 forever.

titus andromedon does jennifer hudson

ok it's really tituss burgess but i can pretend. the song starts at 3:01. team #pinotnoir

this could have been you

kiddinnnggggggg.... just kidding...

bryan safi told me to watch this.

unveil a statue of yourself

your daily ri ri

i guess this is rihanna's new single. i wish i could hear the swears.

25 March 2015

togays news

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