27 April 2015


starla will see you in the popcorn line opening weekend

23 April 2015

a couple of things to consider

this little girl is amazing and has a puppy for a brother. i would like to see if there's a gif of her "fresher than you" eye contact.

and here's a video of me and char and heather heaven and mer and probably thomas wilhelm and heather's dog gus in california this coming fourth of july.

22 April 2015

who doesn't want to look beautiful, but IT'S NOT NATURAL

holler design + watson twins

Small Batch Presents: The Watson Twins // Holler Design from Small Batch Presents on Vimeo.
Small Batch is a short film series celebrating the people who make things by hand and the musicians within the same communities who support them. Each episode features the story of a brand and a performance from a band playing in that brand's storefront. This episode features songstress sisters, The Watson Twins and Holler Design, a southern furniture design studio. (via)
congrats, katie + matt! just gorgeous!

hoorayyyyyyyyy it's julia l-d's last fuckable day

this dog caused a traffic jam in scotland because he was driving a tractor on the highway

i know something was up.

GREAT news, kesha has dropped the $ from her name and hit the road. she played a small clurb in dc last night. a comeback is imminent, and it better not be boring. READ THIS.

nymag is trying to scare me into buying every avocado i see.

california's drought is drying up all the avocado farms. READ THIS.

somebody found this video of me and flim from back in the day

20 April 2015

happy 4/20 from HBO

they just picked up high maintenance for a real HBO season.

in related news, i ate dinner one table over from ben sinclair last night.

happy 4/20 from clueless (rip brittany murphy)

it is one thing to spark up a doobie at and get laced at parties, but it is quite another to be fried all day.

happy 4/20 from broad city

In honor of #420, here’s a tribute to Abbi and Ilana, two of the most innovative weed geniuses out there.
Posted by Broad City on Monday, April 20, 2015
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