19 December 2014

too many cook(ie)s

our office gets spoiled with so many sweets and i can't believe i'm saying this, but we have too many cookies! augh! i'm gonna hibernate until christmas. happy friday.

i'm not mad at it

read this cute interview between bffs saint and cakes da killa

SAINT: [laughs] You being in L.A., it started as such an un-planned thing that we had no idea what we were going to do so we ended up going to the Cheesecake Factory. [laughs] You were so mad that you ordered, like, a five course meal and I was eating lemons.

CAKES DA KILLA: [laughs] That's when I realized we would be great friends, but we were such extremes, complete opposites—me eating this bowl of pasta and shrimp, and you with lemons, making me feel horrible about myself. Also, you yelling at me because I wanted to take leftovers and you were like, "You're not putting that shit in my car."

SAINT: That shrimp would have gone foul real quick, especially going to that party afterwards. Imagine dealing with that, then getting back in the car and it smelling like shit. How was the U.S. tour?

CAKES DA KILLA: Oh, the tour was cute

the memphis grizzlies are so damn cute

cuba spy stories

this is a cool piece from today's morning edition. love you, dina temple-rastin!

who's ready for the americans to come back?

i hope your holiday will be as joyous as this

18 December 2014

kiss the cook

who's gonna miss stephen colbert? who loves jane fonda and gloria steinem more?

derpy the mechanical dog will run through your eyes and into your heart


emilube's lunch break (new blog featch)

she doesn't read this blog or anything, but emilube always be sending me really long articles while she's at lunch that i don't have the time attention span for, so i put them in my pocket and read them on the train.

today's installment is an incredible article in the guardian about beijing's extreme air quality problem. READ IT.

17 December 2014

this will be an internet sensation...

he really is

nymag states the obvious, "John Waters is a National Treasure



i hope that you haven't tired of my voice reports. this is probably the first time i've watched a full season all the way to the end. and i worked late monday which means i watched all four hours of the last two episode in succession last night. so i am going to hit you with all my favorites in a row, and there's a bunch, so buckle up.

jicyww, the first of two finale episodes included each finalist doing a traditional performance of a song selected by the coach, one duet with the coach, and one original songwriter-written song picked by the coach (matt wrote his own).

boyfriends chris jamison and adam levine do robin thicke's maybe-best-song "lost without u".

here's what damien as an actual solo artist might look like, singing a max martin-penned original song "soldier". boring.

more falsetto in matt's duet with adam singing an adam levine song from some movie?

we were also treated to chris jamison doing some timberlake.

on to the second part of the finale, which was an amazing collection of guest performances, some including contestants. there was so much to see here.

if you've never seen hozier do "take me to church" live, you should check this out. talk about the VOICE.

watch bruno mars do that funk song in CURLERS!!!!

damien joined j-hud for one of her songs and omg she looks incredible!

and i absolutely loved this performance by jessie j with chris j.

you may have noticed that nowhere in this post was craig wayne boyd mentioned. despite my complete lack of interest in his brand of musicianship, he won the voice. so WHATEVER. #teamelyjuh

i did love his "bring back" performance with fellow contestants danica, taylor brashears, and sugar joans. worth a watch.

also, please do not miss gwen vamping in this little christmas diddy by the coaches.

see y'all next season!

in a historic move, the US will restore full diplomatic relations with cuba

we should visit habana outpost to celebrate.
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