21 October 2014

can you guess who this actress is?


the voice report

well last night was GREAT. and i have three favorites this time.

the first performance of the ep was this team adam pairing of energetic damian and really-good-but-a-little-too-meek kelli. they performed it pretty flawlessly, but she really didn't stand a chance. pharell was all "YAAAAASSSS".

i also really loved this version of "yellow" by matt and ethan. matt's a poor kid who chokes up when he says he just wants to be able to take care of his mom, so i am always rooting for him.

and if you only watch one performance from the night, you're going to want to watch toya and danica go to TOWN on "halo". the magic of this one was when, once again, alicia keys solved the riddle of how to make the performance great, by asking them "whose halo do you see?" and they both ended up having dead dads and started sobbing. then pharell said things like "sing it like you're in the bathroom" and "you're both standing there like backup singers but YOU ARE STARS." and then they killt it.

last round of battles tonight. gwen has one steal left, even though she keeps trying to last-second-steal adam's steals. not really working for her. and at this point i'm kind of glad because she is making interesting (terrible) choices with her team and i don't usually care for the results.

gawker recap here.

oh and you guys.... gwen stefani has a new song!

UPDATE: and a new video!

20 October 2014

i can't do better than gawker's description

"Cool Horse Trots Around NYC Without a Care Except the Cops Chasing Him"

we don't just watch movies not to tell anyone about it.

yesterday, while resting my dogs after a long, successful tenth annual international cornhole cup, i watched this tom cruise movie, the edge of tomorrow, also starring emily bult blunt.

it was.....11 biscuits!!

i watched godzilla too. more like godsilly. 0 biscuits.

check out my new favorite tumblr.

worst cats. thx carly!

see also: slittens.

what is it, comeback monday?

bethenny is going to be on the next season of RHoNYC, if you can believe that.

also, good news: RHoA is back in about 3 weeks. phew!

speaking of comebacks...

a new installment of marcel the shell!

shrimps are the idiots of the sea.

set your VCRs to tape this hot new television program!

did you ever watch season one?

17 October 2014

i got drunk last night and i'm supposed to get drunk tonight too


no no no i'm too old for this. happy weekend and i'll see you cornholers tomorrow. don't speak too loudly at me though. i'll be nursing another hangover.

happy cornhole eve friday!

16 October 2014

HBD angela lansbury

lane kiffin's wikipedia entry

oprah at st. peter's


27k people a day visit here. #St.Peter'sBasilica

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rooting for the whale

hyperlapse bike ride over all three bridges

actually looks like an appealing way to spend a couple of hours.
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