01 July 2015

channing tatum being cute

new football outfits


i don't like any of the new nike rollout...

I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!111111

specially that smokey grey helmet.

watch live!


tears welled up in my eyes when i saw this detail. what is wrong with me?

looks like the big reveal is at noon, y'all!

new nike hotness at the university of tennessee


30 June 2015

difficult people will be here soon

why don't you shush yourself.

are you watching the world cup?

the USWNT play germany in the semi-finals tonight (7pm EST on fox).

read THIS to get caught up:
The game should be a great one. Consider that Germany has scored the most goals this tournament (20), and the U.S. has allowed just a single goal. The U.S. and Germany have each won the World Cup twice.
The United States reached the semifinals primarily on the strength of its defense: The team hasn't given up a goal since the tournament opener five games ago against Australia. The U.S., led by goalkeeper Hope Solo, have held opponents scoreless for 423 consecutive minutes (the longest stretch for the U.S. in World Cup history). The U.S. also is the only country to reach the semifinals in all seven World Cup tournaments.
and if you really want to get into strategy...read THIS.

season 2 of bojack horseman will be here soon.

tig notaro's doc will be here soon

i think my invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

29 June 2015

kylie would you buy these?

i think you would buy these.

is this llama laughing at you?


Marc Gasol of Memphis

do yourself a favor and watch THIS video, directed by Craig Brewer
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