04 March 2015

bring back etti-cat!


awesome lady alert!

she is the only black lady to ever hold her specialized position.
In 2004 she was cross-commissioned into the USAF, a fairly rare occurrence in itself, and joined the elite U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane program. Within a year she had passed the incredibly challenging U-2 conversion syllabus and was soon flying combat missions around the globe. She has since gone on to get her Masters Degree in aeronautical science, she became the commander of the U-2 test detachment at Plant 42, served at NORAD, is now the 9th Reconnaissance Wing Inspector General and was recently selected for promotion to the rank of full Colonel. (via)

02 March 2015

for some reason this reminded me of starla

you might like this mixtape from Beyonce's friend BOOTS.

i did.

27 February 2015


i don't know, seasonal affective disorder really must be a thing. even this googly eyed creature is barely helping me get ready for the weekend.

keekerz speakerz

don't not familiarize yourself with leon bridges.

this song is so good i almost just want to die.

and there's two more.


have you ever wanted to see what it looks like when a house explodes?


my fav jam from empire

this is not THE white llama but it is A white llama!

pierre for president!!


thomas wilhelm is never going to feel clean again

listen to how awesome your president is

more good news

there's a gif recap of yesterday's llama chase.

this is my favorite one.
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