27 June 2016


fortnightly boat

oh good, it will have dinosaurs.

get him, gals!

looks like the BET awards were lit last night

dr. jackson avery gave a very powerful speech on race:

and then justin timberlake offended some folks on twitter.

24 June 2016

oooo yaassss

hey craig

23 June 2016

soothing hedgehog


speaking of octopus empathy

y'all should listen to this fresh air interview about fish and their feelings.

your daily puss

if you only click on one link today, let it be this

course they did.

no shade.

22 June 2016

i'm posting this for thomas wilhelm, even if he will never see it

beyonce just put this on youtube so why wouldn't i post it here?

this is still my fave #lemonade track if you don't count #formation

keep trying, everyone!

read about it here and here.
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