01 December 2015

your new favorite housewives recap podcast

with casey wilson and another lady. watch the premiere of RHoBH tonight so you can follow along.

30 November 2015

phaedra wisdom

did you know...

...that it's fat squirrel season?

uzo in brooklyn mag

lookin' fierce. read it.

a squirrel trying to find a place to bury her acorn

Please enjoy this squirrel attempting to hide a nut... inside a dog's fur

Posted by Lost At E Minor on Thursday, March 5, 2015

25 November 2015

happy thanksgiving

well hello

for kylie

lol obama

important investigative journalism

get a load of this beautiful "sea slug"

what is it? nsikan?

have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the ceiling of the NYPL Rose Reading Room

the restoration is almost finished. check out more pics.

24 November 2015

they must be very private

look what Usher has done to himself!

���� workin hard so I can eat this ��

A photo posted by Usher (@howuseeit) on

killer mike is feelin' the bern.


also: is fetty wap a feminist?
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