29 June 2012

last night we watched alien.

it was really fun, and i also was reminded of this.

28 June 2012

as you probably already know...

...the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act insurance mandate, as well as nearly all of the law's other 92 provisions.  The liberal wing of the court ruled that the law was constitutional under the Commerce Clause, while the conservative wing of the court ruled the law unconstitutional.  Justice John Robert's was the swing vote on this ruling, deciding that the legislation was constitutional, but not under the Commerce Clause, but rather as part of the right of Congress to create and raise taxes.

The Atlantic has an interesting article about how John Robert's might be the sneakiest of the sneakiest by ruling in such a way as to deny Obama a rallying cry to his base, giving Romney a rallying cry for his base, and casting the already unpopular ACA as a dirty, dirty tax.


27 June 2012

26 June 2012

henri, the existential cat

i love him.

new matt and kim

i love this gd band

25 June 2012


"Let’s face it – the 4th of July is the best day of the year. We get to celebrate our Nation’s history and reminisce on what makes this place so great. The only thing that would make it better is some Vols spirit! Grab the Patriotic Seal tee to boast your love of the Tennessee Volunteers and the good ol’ US of A. This classic tee features a Tennessee wordmark set in front of a patriotic seal, combining your two passions into one superior shirt!"

that's just true. no arguments here.

want one?


alex trebek, the longtime host of drunkardy jeopardy, has suffered a heart attack but it was said to be minor he is recovering.

we here at 2pz love your work and wish you the speediest of recoveries!

21 June 2012

beat connection

look how cute the little portland boys in this band are. the music isn't that bad either (spotify). @beatconnexion

just a few days away!

the McCarren Park pool is about to be open for business (just like thomas wilhelm's butt?)

thx kylie!

now that the newspaper of record has written about harry and peter brant i can stop worrying about my age inappropriate obsession with them

ive been totally validated. follow their weird joint twitter account and keep up with the brants.

im going to go see a john waters one man show tomorrow


19 June 2012

HBIC on the way to the G20 summit in Mexico


good news for downtown memphis

"the old bridge," the harrahan bridge, is going to transform into a pedestrian / bike link between downtown memphis and west memphis, arkansas, across the mississippi river. federal funding was just approved (thanks barak) for this and for infrastructure improvements throughout the downtown area. good things are happening downtown. via via

if only yella bear could learn to walk on a leash...

spotifree tuesday!

Max:  dave
me:  max
 Max:  spotify just made their app and service free
 me:  whaaaaaaat
 Max:  i just downloaded the app and its unreal
 me:  premium?
 Max:  it linked all my playlists and everything


i still can't use it, because i have a stupid b-berry.

are these shoes racist?

some internet commenters decided that these shoes are racist because of some imagined resemblance to slave shackles. they caused enough of a stink that adidas has cancelled production of the ridiculously expensive shoe, and now their fun has infringed upon my fun.

 note from adidas: The design of the JS Roundhouse Mid is nothing more than the designer Jeremy Scott’s outrageous and unique take on fashion and has nothing to do with slavery. Jeremy Scott is renowned as a designer whose style is quirky and lighthearted and his previous shoe designs for adidas Originals have, for example, included panda heads and Mickey Mouse. Any suggestion that this is linked to slavery is untruthful. via

 for his part, designer jeremy scott says the design is actually inspired by cartoons.

mets ace a former vol!

the knuckleballer (not what you think thomas wilhelm!) threw two straight one-hitters (not what you think g.animalz) last week!

go vols in the majors!

needs more katniss


new music tuesday


what is dharma doing?

just helpin' with the laundry.

maxwell i can't help but notice that we are both listening to the hello dolly soundtrack at the same time.

thanks spotify

the master

see you tomorrow

18 June 2012

speaking of crazy people, here is a new cat power song


a really weird interview

Dan P. Lee hangs out with Fiona Apple and they do drugs and listen to music and hug and share secrets and all we get is this really weird article for New York Magazine.


it's bonnie raitt week. g.animalz and djv and i will be sitting in her presence in just a couple of days. get excited.

15 June 2012

sportz post

anybody else rooting for tiger this US open weekend?


this is a confused dog riding an escalator.

enjoy your weekend, everyone.

thx markie!

passion pit :: i'll be alright


13 June 2012


yes please.

nErD aLeRt!

presenting (also old news)....the london olympic tower, aka ugglez mcgee! how foolish!

click here to see a slideshow of all the new facilities, and click here to see drawings that mock them all. (i actually think the aquatic center and the velodrome are quite stunning.)

between this and the recently released details about the opening ceremony plans, this is shaping up to be the shittiest olympics since atlanta. speaking of....

never forget!

for jenny

this news is kind of old, but i wanted you all to know that coach pat summitt nailed her first hole-in-one last friday. lord knows she deserves it.
On Friday, Summitt was golfing with a group of women's basketball greats, all of whom were gathered in town for Saturday night's induction ceremony at the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. Summitt's foursome included former player Lisa Reagan, Billie Moore, who coached Summitt at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, and ESPN analyst Debbie Antonelli, who is serving as master of ceremonies for Saturday night's induction. Using a 7-iron, Summitt hit the ball 112 yards over water on Sevierville's par-3 17th hole.
"It was a little bit blind, but we knew it was a good shot," Antonelli said. "Of course, we didn't know it was that good. When we got up to the flag, we were looking behind the hole because we thought it had rolled past the cup. Then I walked up to the cup, looked down, and said, 'You're never going to believe this.' " (via)
love ya, pat.

12 June 2012

are you alone?

zac efron is an auburn fan

Zac Efron spotted in LA wearing his favorite SEC team's logo.  Waaaaaar!  Eagle!  ZAC!

Thanks Starla! [just jared]

first listen : fiona apple, "the idler wheel..."

click for for an npr album review and stream the whole thing.

11 June 2012

who is Robert Pera?

The question on the minds of Grizzlies fans tonight, just who is this young self made billionaire who just bought our beloved team?

Well, let's start with the obvious: he is 34 years old, rich, and moderately attractive (the rich part makes him more so). He is the founder/ CEO of Ubiquiti Networks, a wireless technology company. He has a blog that looks like it is just starting out, and there is an unused twitter handle that may or may not actually be him. I read somewhere that he loves basketball, and plays 5 times a week. He was a hardware engineer at apple, and quit when he was 25 to start his own company, see how that turned out.

He was born in St. Louis, but grew up in the Bay Area, and splits time between Taiwan and Silicon Valley. Two quotes that give me hope for his chances of improving an already vastly improved team:

“I quit my job because I wanted to have more success faster”

 “I am excited about the opportunity to build on the work that has made the Memphis Grizzlies a highly competitive NBA team,” Pera said. “I look forward to getting to know the Memphis community and to continuing the team’s success in Memphis.”

big Grizzlies news

After two consecutive trips to the playoffs and a return to respectability in the Western Conference, Michael Heisley has found a buyer to purchase the Memphis Grizzlies, according to sources with knowledge of the owner's plans.

Sources told ESPN.com that Heisley has an agreement in principle to sell the team to communications technology magnate Robert Pera, who at 34 has a spot on Forbes' list of the 10 youngest billionaries in the world.

 The purchase price is in the $350 million range, sources said. A formal announcement to publicize the agreement between the parties is expected this week, possibly as soon as later Monday, with NBA Board of Governors approval then required before Pera can be officially installed as successor to Heisley, who recently turned 75.

Sources say that Pera intends to keep the team in Memphis. The Grizzlies' lease at the FedExForum, furthermore, ties the team to the city until the year 2021, with steep financial penalties attached to breaking that lease.
thanks charlie

You did it.


07 June 2012

zombies in connecticut

This woman tried to steal a wig (tmai) from the Sassy Beauty Supply shop in New Haven Ct.  When the store owner chased her, she bit off a chunk of his arm and spit it back in his face. [via]

"i wanna be a star. i don't wanna be a cleaning lady"

this is what dave was like on the street when michael tried to say hello

oh, and also, this.

beach house - lazuli

rap video thursday

danny brown - grown up

kanye west (feat. big sean + pusha t + 2 chainz) - mercy

a$ap rocky (feat. schoolboy q) - brand new guy

chris brown (feat. wiz khalifa + big sean) - til i die

06 June 2012


twitter's got a new bird logo.

your fortnightly boat

toot tooooooOOOoooooOOooot!!

don't mind me. just passin' through.

don't mind if i do

grizzly bear - sleeping ute

Grizzly Bear have announced that the the follow-up to 2009's Veckatimist will be out on Warp on September 18. (via)
best news i heard aallllll day. they've also announced a tour, and are playing at radio city, the ryman, and the tennessee theater. tickets on sale friday for each.

nErD aLeRt!

While its sugar-white sand is the same as in the Hamptons, modern architecture is not a hallmark of Long Beach’s streetscape. But when a client approached architect West Chin with a run-down clapboard cottage and dreams of a super-contemporary compound, Chin seized upon the opportunity to reconcile modern design with the traditional Cape Cod–style surroundings. (via)

i want that.

the olympics are coming.

his favorite is rings. which event is your favorite?

Sendak retrospective in Soho

"AFA announces a retrospective in loving memory of Maurice Sendak. The exhibition will open on Saturday, June 9th, the day before what would have been the artist’s 84th birthday, and will remain on display through Labor Day. The collection includes nearly 50 original works, including published pieces, conceptual art and a bronze sculpture. This “Wild Thing” sculpture was launched in 2009 to celebrate the largest gallery exhibition that Mr. Sendak had during his extensive career, and was a collaboration with AFA gallery owner, Nicholas Leone."

Monday – Saturday 10AM – 7PM
Sunday 11AM – 6PM
54 Greene Street New York, NY 10013

05 June 2012

building the golden gate bridge

more here

turxtin' with thomas wilhelm

did everyone watch the season premiere of NYC housewives last night?!?!

deep in vogue

04 June 2012

of course not.


After his beloved cat Orville was tragically run over by a car, Dutch artist Bart Jansen thought long and hard how to honor his late feline's memory. And then it hit him: Turn his taxidermied corpse into a helicopter. (via)

just a spider swarm. nbd.

According to locals, the initial swarm hit on May 8th during a cultural celebration. The Times of India reports that chaos erupted as attendees trampled over each other in an effort to escape the massive cluster of spiders that had appeared out of nowhere.
Sadly, the incident was not an isolated one. Since that day, dozens of people have reported being bitten by spiders, and at least two people have died. Residents across the district have been asked to remain inside at night, when the spiders are known to emerge from their hiding places.
Scientists sent to the area to study the arachnids have thus far been unable to determine their species or place of origin. "As of now, we cannot give a specific name. It's similar to the tarantula, but it could be a whole new species," said Dr. L. R. Saikia of the Life Sciences department at Dibrugarh University.
"Whatever the species, it is a highly aggressive spider. It leaps at anything that comes close. Some of the victims claimed the spider latched onto them after biting."  (via)

gifts from the coast

i'm back from vacay, and i brought a couple of stand-out gifts back for thomas wilhelm and joel. here they are being displayed prominently in each of their homes.

for t-dubs:

for pickles melton:

and here's a gift from staten island:
dharma got a summercute!!!! WINK. ;D

song of the summer?

let's have a kiki!

another new fiona apple song - 2 weeks until you can listen to the whole damn thing


who even knew rhode island was a real state?

our new queen Miss Rhode Island gave a really thoughtful answer to her final question about a trangsgendered contestant winning the pageant, but first runner up Miss Maryland stole my heart with the shade she couldn't help but throw when she found out she lost. via.

happy jubilee

happy jubilee


03 June 2012

nice hat lizzie

Today is (was) the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.  It also happens to be my two year anniversary with TT.  That is not a coincidence.  Thanks for sharing this day with a couple extra queens ya' big ol' B!

02 June 2012

its saturday night, you know what that means?

dont forget to watch the season finale of game of thrones tomorrow night. werk.

kylie minogue :: timebomb

did you know that kylie was named after kylie minogue? true facts. check out the newest single from the australian madonna.

what do i look like, a SOFA? lol lol lol lol


c2e these fantastic shots from 6thaichc

thx aaron

romney economics


01 June 2012

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