15 December 2011

verlaustan halbstark - new style icons in my book

“The innocent young Swiss had a way of getting their Americana slightly wrong, which is quite hilarious, and touching. They use all sorts of stuff as jewelry — old bullets become a belt, a big padlock is hung low like a chastity belt — and the skull and crossbones pirate symbol shows up everywhere, a symbol of their aspiration to be badasses.” via

new sleigh bells song


new ashanti song

remember not too long ago when we were wondering who (if not ashanti) would be filling fergie's bra in the black eyed peas? well it still isn't ashanti, but here look at this... a new ashanti song featuring bust rhymes. it feels like 1997 up in here. your move ja rule. via.

poll clarification : who/what is pitbull?

i've been asked a couple of times. here are two of pitbull's most popular songs:

you might also know him from this dr. pepper commercial.

so? do you like it?

lana del rey : born to die

this is her full-length video for "born to die". still withholding judgment, but i love this song.

loose seal.

Annette Swoffer fell victim to a home invasion – of cuteness!
Lucky the seal pup, named for its knack for crossing busy streets without a scratch, wound up asleep on Swoffer’s couch after apparently entering her home through a cat door, Dec. 11, 2011, according to The New Zealand Herald. (via)

omg y'all, look!

thx tina!

what's for lunch

poooorrrrrrk duuuummmmmppppps

This is one of my favorite meals at school.


american horror story: gpp edition

This morning i heard a loud clatter in the kitchen around 5:45 a.m. When I went out to take a shower at 6:30, this is what i saw.

The window is closed. Everyone else was asleep.

My head was resting 4 feet away (through a wall).

I am freaking out you guys. It was either a mouse or a ghost but some one wants me dead.
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