18 August 2011

look at this smug sonnofa gun!

you little jerk! i bet you were sooo pleased with yourself for finding this teeny tiny spot. i for one, am not impressed.


Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann said Thursday that she is the "hombre-ette" to represent voters in Washington.
Appearing in Columbia, South Carolina, Bachmann cast herself as "one little fighter."
"We need one strong hombre or hombre-ette, and I'm the hombre-ette to go and stand for you in Washington DC," Bachmann said. Earlier, when Bachmann referenced that she would be a woman in the White House if elected, a cheer went up from the audience.
Hombre is the Spanish word for man. The Spanish word for woman is mujer. (via)
additionally, her pronunciation is abhorrent. thx joey.

watch the throne comics

DJV told me about these. aziz ansari is tweeting comics representing lyrics from "watch the throne". here are all of them so far!

oh brother.




hj's for bearz.

take a look.


aNiMaL bOmB!!

bon iver : holocene

dodos : good

it's giggles o'clock on AC360.

start around 2:30. omg.


watch teabagger christine o'donnell walk out of an interview.

honestly, he is kind of acting like a dush.

thanks for noticing.

In the summer of 2011, this is more typical than surprising. For years now, more and more indie musicians have been eager to engage with modern R&B, whether by sampling it, remixing it, singing it, or just claiming it as an influence. Funnily enough, plenty of R&B artists have been coming from the other direction, taking up the cultish style usually associated with indie artists. The acts in between aren’t ­exactly a genre; every last one of them seems to have a different agenda and a different frame of reference. But there are fans out there, surfing the cross­currents and drawing lines between things—from bedroom experimentalists like How to Dress Well to quirky soul singers like Solange Knowles and Janelle MonĂ¡e. (via)
i scooped the shit out of nymag. by 5 months. just wanted to brag about that. you're welcome.

i do commend them for coining the term PBR&B, though. that's cute.

are you ready?

coming soon.
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