14 August 2013

new throwing shade!

today in "i didnt know you could do that"

also from jenny. thx jenny.

UPDATE! rebekah the raccoon.

Mark Brown has made a name for himself and his pet raccoon Rebekah by uploading YouTube videos of the two sharing showers, dancing to "Chain of Fools," and generally enjoying each other's company.
But all that came to a chattering halt last week after Brown received a visit from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which promptly took the animal away. (via)
this is VERY upsetting. 


thx jenny!

trend alert : #teamdeblasio

get caught up with 2Pz favorite mayoral candidate, bill de blasio, and his rise to the top of the polls. #brickbybrick

read this front page new york times profile and this huffington post profile.

then watch christine quinn and anthony weiner throw shade at each other during last night's debate.

the very best present a jewish mother can buy her son as he enters manhood

a fully choreographed christina aguilera dance routine in front of all of his friends and family. i. am. so. jealous. look how happy he is. no one should ever be allowed to be that happy. via.

trend alert: Bill De Blasio

people are starting to notice that 2pz called this election months ago.
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