14 June 2011

tiger roar?

AUBURN, Ala. -- Prince William's life could be looking very different if he had accepted an honorary Auburn football scholarship offered to him at birth.
Shortly after he arrived in the world in June 1982, then-AU football coach Pat Dye sent a personal invitation to the newest British royal and future king to become a Tiger in his late teens.
The remarkable invitation was brought to light in the Spring 2011 edition of Auburn Athletics Department magazine Tiger Roar, the Alabama newspaper the Press-Register reported Monday.
"The world celebrated when Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William on June 21, 1982. On that day, as now, the future King of England received the prayers and good wishes from people the world over, Auburn included," former Auburn athletics director David Housel wrote in the all-sports quarterly.
"Shortly after William's birth, Coach Pat Dye sent the future king an honorary Auburn football scholarship, as official as any honorary scholarship could be, signed by Coach Dye himself, sealed and delivered," Housel explained. (via)
thx melissa!

this was made for thomas wilhelm.

i found it on accident, because i'm listening to sarah silverman's bedwetter on audiobook that i checked out digitally (!!) from the library. she's talking about her short unsuccessful stint as an SNL writer/performer, and i wanted to see if she was ever in a sketch. this was just a google-byproduct. you're welcome.

gchatz w/ john

me: a NJ transit train killed a woman this mornin'
john: she probably deserved it
me: remember when laura bush killed a man
john: yeah
me: rob wouldnt believe us
when we told him that this weekend
john: omg, wake up rob!
that is old ass news
bitch ran a stop sign or something
me: yep
his name was michael douglas!
john: but they were all, she couldn't have avoided it
she could have avoided it by not being a drunk ass bitch!
me: the girl riding in her car with her was named judy dykes
i think we know what they were doing
laura bush is a lesbian!
a lesbian murderer!
john: clearly
but the lame stream media won't tell you that
me: nope

let the refreshment begin

i saw an ad on the subway today, and now this is all i can think about. mountain dew icee? yes please. ive already google searched for my nearest dunkin donuts. ill update later today.


i think we're done, katy perry.



is everybody ok?

god DAMN it!
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